Gemini Vengeance by Apollos Girl aka AG
Summary: What-if about Lyle and Miss Parkerâs64;¦ Tell you anythingmore and I spoil it for you!
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1. Part 1 by Apollos Girl aka AG

2. Part 2 by Apollos Girl aka AG

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Part 1 by Apollos Girl aka AG
Disclaimer: It all belongs to NBC and the creators, not to me or anyone else. I'm not making any money off of this. I swear! Please don't sue! I don't have any money! Unless you want a paper dollar, you know the fake ones? I wonder does that count as money? Okay, umm, anyway… Don't mind me. Read the Author's note otherwise you won't get part of the story.

Author's Note: This story takes place when Lyle and Miss Parker are in high school. Words in // and :: are thoughts sent telepathically. // are thoughts sent by Lyle and :: are thoughts sent by Miss Parker.
And a special thanks goes to Danielle, cause I kind of stole the idea from her. Thanks a bunch! And I promise I fixed all the commas in here, if not I'm sure you'll tell me.

Gemini Vengeance
part 1

By Apollo's Girl

The Centre
Blue Cove, Delaware
July 20, 1998

Sydney and Broots sat in the tech room waiting for news on Miss Parker and Jarod. Miss Parker had left a note saying she had a lead on Jarod but not as to where it was. One of the sweepers said that she had received a package from him and took off. It didn't surprise Sydney much anymore. Since the fire in SL-27 she has been going off after Jarod by herself. Broots tapped away at the keyboard for any information on where Miss Parker might be.

"Anything?" Sydney inquired. Broots shook his head.

"Nothing! I wish she would tell us where she is going, lately it seems like she doesn't even want us anymore." Broots complained. Sydney just nodded. He had this feeling that Miss Parker going off by herself now did not concern Jarod. His gut was telling him it was something else. As that thought filtered through his mind the phone rang.

"This is Sydney." He replied into the phone.

"Why do people like the Spice Girls?" Jarod asked, perplexed. "I understand that they are somewhat sexy but the music stinks."

"I really don't have an answer to that Jarod, I find it quite puzzling as well." Sydney replied with a low chuckle and turned the phone to speaker. Broots heard Jarod's name and quickly began trying to trace the call, although he knew it was useless.

"Tell Broots that Radio Shack is still doing wonders for me." Jarod said into the phone after hearing the clicks of the keyboard.

"Radio Shack is highly overrated." Broots muttered as he saw that he couldn't trace the call. Jarod chuckled.

"Tell me, where is the lovely Miss Parker, I haven't heard her at all." Jarod asked, surprised that Miss Parker hadn't stormed in already.

"She's following a lead from the package you sent her." Sydney replied.

"What package?" Jarod asked, alarmed. "I didn't send her any package."

Sydney and Broots looked at each other in panic. "She left a couple of hours ago to somewhere after she got your package."

"Sydney I didn't send her any package. Do you know what was in it?" His mind going over every possible scenario.

"No." Sydney replied. "You don't think it's from…"

"Lyle." Jarod said finishing Sydney's sentence. Broots shivered at the name. "Call me if you find out where she might have gone." With that Jarod hung up. Sydney and Broots looked at each other and each prayed that it wasn't Lyle.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Residence Inn
Poughkeepsie, New York
July 20, 1998

Jarod hung up the phone and paced in his room trying to figure out where Miss Parker could have gone off too. The only explanation for the package would be Mr. Lyle. He had to find her fast, but where? As he paced his room for an answer the door opened in walked a younger man.

"What's wrong Big Brother?" Kyle asked as he noticed Jarod's state. Jarod quickly explained what happened. "I think it's time to teach Mr. Lyle a lesson. We should pay him back for almost killing me at Red Rock."
Jarod looked at his brother and replied in a dark voice. "He shouldn't mess with Pretenders."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Apartment Complex
New York City
July 20, 1998

Miss Parker was walking in a darkened building, no lights, pretty much abandoned. She slowly opened the door on the third level and found herself in a studio apartment that was sparsely furnished. The only sounds she heard were the clicks of her heels, but even they were soft. As she stepped further in she felt two arms surround her, noticing the bandaged left hand.

"Hello Sis!" A low smiling voice whispered into her ear as she relaxed into the arms. He gave her a quick kiss on the side of her forehead.

"You really shouldn't scare your sister like that, Bobby." She replied, turning round with a scolding look at Mr. Lyle.

"Sorry." He said with an apologetic smile. "But I couldn't help it."

"You and Jarod!" Miss Parker said with exasperation, but she couldn't hide the smile on her face. "How are you doing little brother? I got your package, what’s the emergency?"

"There’s no emergency, but wait before you start getting mad at me I’ll explain. I know I shouldn’t have sent a package like that if it wasn’t an emergency but I really missed my twin sister." Lyle said hurriedly and when Miss Parker’s eyes softened he started to relax. „About how I am, well let's see, everyone thinks I'm the boogey man, well except for you. You think I'm a pinhead. I have only one thumb and Jarod is out for my blood and the Yakuza too!" Lyle replied with an over-dramatic sigh.

"I told you not to mess with them, but did you listen? No of course not, you just had to be mister big and bad!" Miss Parker scolded. Lyle by now had turned on the lights and she made her way and sat down on the couch.

"Anyone follow you?" He asked trying to avoid another one of her "I told you so" lectures, which he knew he deserved. Nevertheless he still didn't want to hear it.

"No! I don't even think Jarod did." She replied. "If anyone did, boy would they be surprised. They all think I absolutely hate you!"

"Yeah instead of absolutely adoring me!"

"I wouldn't go that far."
"Hey that hurts!" Lyle replied with a pained look on his face. Miss Parker smiled and laughed. Bobby was the only one who seemed to put her at ease these days, probably because he's her twin.

"Are you okay?" Lyle asked, noticing the look in her eyes and sensing her feelings.

"I'm fine. Just tired of being Miss Parker, the Ice Queen, that’s all." Lyle came and sat down besides her, pulling her into his arms.

"Well in a little while you don't have to be her anymore, you can just be Vanessa. My dear big sister who is sometimes just a little bit too overprotective." Lyle replied stroking his twin's hair.

"I'm a little overprotective? What about you?" Miss Parker demanded, looking accusingly at him.

"Vanessa someone has to be there to protect you, our Daddy dear certainly isn't." Lyle said, looking down at her. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against his shoulder.

"We protect each other." She replied softly. Lyle nodded in agreement. "You know you never really answered me on how you've been doing."

"I'm alright. Just tired of being Mr. Lyle. I just can't wait for this to all be over." He replied.

"You and me both. You sound tired Bobby." Miss Parker said with concern, looking up at him. He smiled back.

"Just a little bit."

She nodded and got up and looked around the room for the first time. It was sparsely furnished with a couch, two chairs and a TV. The kitchen was separated from the rest of the room by a counter and behind a couple of screens was the bedroom. She walked into the kitchen to see what was in the fridge. Not too surprising, there was only a carton of orange juice and milk, stuff for a ham sandwich and in the freezer two cartons of ice cream. And of course every mans favorite, beer.

"Someone needs to do grocery shopping." She yelled out to Lyle who had turned on the TV.

"I prefer to eat out." Was the reply she got. Shaking her head she grabbed a can of beer and poured herself a cup of milk and walked back to the couch. She handed the beer to him and sat down to spend the evening with her brother.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Lyle's Apartment
New York City
July 22, 1998

The door of the apartment swung open with the peals of Miss Parker’s laughter.

"You pinhead!" Miss Parker exclaimed. "I can't believe you did that!"

"Hey it was fun!" Lyle replied pointedly.

"Pretending that you were blind? I can't believe people fell for that." Miss Parker. "It was embarrassing!" She whined like a little girl. Lyle rolled his eyes, of all the people she would use that voice with, it had to be him.

Lyle wanting to annoy her back, asked in the same type of whiny voice, "Oh was it? How about the time when you dragged me into the lingerie department?" Miss Parker rolled her own eyes knowing what he was trying to do.

"If I remember correctly you were being happily helpful to some girls there." Miss Parker pointed out. "And they sure seemed to like your help."

"Well, I was just trying to be a helpful citizen." Lyle said defensively.

"Uh huh sure you were." She replied sarcastically. Lyle was about to say something when he felt her purse hit him in the chest. She giggled.

"That's it!" He said and grabbed her by the arm and began to tickle her at the sides.

"Stop! Please!" She yelled through her giggles.


"Mercy! Mercy!" He let her go for just an instant and then said "Nah, that's too easy!" and began to tickle her again. She had turned around by now and was tickling him. The two were laughing hard and when Lyle had a chance to get away from his sister, who always won, he ran into his bedroom and grabbed a pillow. Miss Parker had followed him in and was met with a pillow swap in her face when she stepped in.

„That’s not fair!" She squealed and grabbed another pillow to swap him. The two ran around the apartment having the biggest pillow fight of the year. Finally exhausted the two fell on the couch.

„You won! You always do." Lyle said giving into defeat while he turned on the TV. Miss Parker smiled back at him.

„I’m glad I got to spend a day with my brother. It was so nice not having to be Miss Parker anymore, just Vanessa." She said tiredly. Lyle nodded in agreement.
„So am I. I hate always having to be the bad guy. I like to be Bobby." Lyle replied. „You make it easy, Vanessa."

„Well its not that hard when I can read your mind and heart."

„Too bad the Centre didn’t know that we could or they would have us in one of those cages locked up doing experiments." Lyle said, his eyes darkening.

„Let’s not think about that now." Miss Parker said quietly, leaning her head against his shoulder. He moved his arm around her and the two fell asleep on the couch.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Lyle's Apartment
New York City
July 22, 1998

Jarod crept into the apartment quietly. He could hear the sound of a TV on, but nothing else. Kyle followed in closely behind him, his hand on his gun. The two slowly and quietly made their way in. When Jarod walked into view he got a startled response from Lyle, but was even more surprised by seeing Miss Parker. Lyle had his arm slung over Miss Parker’s shoulders, who was leaning against him still asleep. Lyle noticed Kyle's gun pointing at them and quickly tightened his arm around her in a more protective manner, then to a more hostile one. He was surprised that Kyle was alive, but only for a moment. He had learned that anyone from the Centre never really died, much like himself. The three men stood there silently for a few minutes not knowing what to say. Jarod was the first to speak.

„What is going on here?" He demanded in a low voice. „What have you done to Miss Parker?"

Lyle looked at him. „You’re in my home, if anything I should be the one demanding to know what’s going on, not you!"

„We’re here to teach you a lesson." Kyle replied while pointing his gun at Lyle. Jarod looked cautiously over at Miss Parker who still seemed to be asleep.

//Vanessa wake-up slowly as if you were drugged. Jarod’s here and he thinks I’ve kidnapped you or something. Kyle too, no big surprise he’s alive, he has a gun.//

::Kyle’s alive, damn-it. Why can’t anyone just die anymore? What do you want me to do when I wake-up like I’m drugged. Jarod’s a pretender, the best, he’ll see right through it.::

//He hasn’t before. We’ll just play it by ear. I have no idea how we’re getting out of this one.//

::GREAT! I’m not worried about me getting out, it’s you I’m more concerned about. Jarod usually tries to rescue me. I’m afraid Kyle might kill you!::

//Like I said we’ll just play it by ear.//

As their telepathic discussion was going on, Jarod and Kyle were telling Lyle that he had better let her go or all hell was going to break lose (if it already hadn’t).

„Let her go!" Jarod ordered as he noticed that Miss Parker was waking up. She opened her eyes and looked around disoriently.

„What?" She muttered, then noticing Lyle she tried to get away. He tightened his grip and he placed his other hand strategically on her neck.

„Let go of her!" Jarod demanded, as his voice grew dangerously low.


„Foolish when we have the gun." Kyle replied, shaking his gun at him.

„I can break her neck before you can shoot." Lyle said nonchalantly.

„Wanna bet?" Kyle challenged.

„Let me go you fool!" Miss Parker screamed. ::Bobby this is beginning to hurt::

//I’m sorry Vanessa, but Jarod can see if I loosen the grip. I’ll try to get us out of this.//

::Soon please!::

„Why do you have her?" Jarod asked.

„That’s none of your damn business!"

„When it comes to her it is!" Jarod replied.

"Just let me go you son of a bitch!" Miss Parker yelled.

"Now, now is that any way to treat your brother?" Lyle scolded.

::You bet it is, when you're trying to strangle me!::

//Be patient!//

"If you don't let her go now I will shoot you!" Kyle shouted.
"And risk shooting your precious Parker? I'm not sure your Big Brother will be too happy about that." Lyle taunted.

Kyle glanced over at Jarod. "Kyle." Jarod cautiously said.

"I'm warning you Lyle!" Kyle warned.

"Just try!" Lyle retorted.

"Fine I will!"


//Trust me Vane-// Lyle's thoughts were cut off by the sound of two gunshots. Miss Parker watched in horror as the gun went off. It was like everything was going in slow motion. She could almost see the bullets come towards them and they were heading straight for Lyle's head!

"NOOO!" Miss Parker screamed as she moved her body to block Lyle's, the bullet piercing her body.
Part 2 by Apollos Girl aka AG
Disclaimer: It all belongs to NBC and the creators. There! Short and sweet. I’m not stealing them or anything! Wish I could! ^_~ ::wink, wink::

Author's Note: Most of this story takes place when Lyle and Miss Parker are in high school and after the end of the second season (well for now anyway). Words in // and :: are thoughts sent telepathically. // are thoughts sent by Lyle and :: are thoughts sent by Miss Parker.

And a special thanks goes to Danielle, cause I kind of stole the idea from her. Thanks a bunch! Oh, BTW, this story is kind of dedicated to Danielle, who I found out one day was a kindred spirit! She loves JD as much as I do, although we all know he’s mine, Mine, MINE! (Possessive aren’t I?) The only other person who has first dibs on him is his wife, who he said is the love of his life and his soul mate. AWWW isn’t that cute? Just gotta love a guy like that. To bad he’s like way to old for me and is married. Sigh… Okay I know the author’s note is suppose to pertain to the story and my ramblings about how cute JD is has nothing to do with it, well except that he’s the whole inspiration for this!! You know you all don’t have to read the author’s note, you can stop now if you want. Nothing really interesting here. Just oh, stuff. The important stuff was in the beginning, this is just rambles. Hey look it’s a UFO! Just kidding, watching a little too much X-Files! Hey for those of you who watch that, do you think Mulder and Scully should be together? I do!! And if you agree with me, you’re Kewl!!! That’s the end of the note. Thanks for reading all of this if you did. You must be wondering where the story is and if this is it (the story of my insanity)! Well, it’s not and the story is right underneath here, see the title? So bon appetite!

Gemini Vengeance
part 2

By Apollo's Girl

Lyle's Apartment
New York City
July 22, 1998

"NOOO!" Miss Parker screamed.

Jarod watched in shock as Miss Parker moved her body to protect Lyle.

"NOOO!" Lyle screamed as Miss Parker's body went limp against him. //Vanessa!//
::Bobby!:: Miss Parker sent weakly to Lyle before she blacked out. Lyle quickly searched her body for the wound. Jarod quickly rushed over to help. Kyle put his gun down in a daze. Miss Parker had saved Lyle!

"The bullet went through her shoulder and it grazed her head." Lyle informed, gently brushing her hair from her face to expose the wound.

"Call the hospital, Kyle!" Jarod ordered. Kyle quickly pulled out his cell phone to follow his brother's orders. Jarod applied pressure to Miss Parker's shoulder. "Keep the pressure on her shoulder."

Lyle nodded and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Stay with me sis!" He whispered quietly in her ear.

"What is going on?" Kyle demanded as he hung up the phone.

"You were going to shot me and instead you got Parker. If she dies I'll personally tear off each and every finger on your hand!" Lyle retorted angrily.

"Why did she try to save you?" Jarod asked incredulously.

"Look, I'll explain everything later. Just as soon as I know she's alright!" Lyle replied shakily. His energy was starting to drain from his worry about Parker.

The men just stared at each other as they heard the sounds of the sirens coming closer. Lyle looked down at his sister and prayed. "Don't die, I need you!"

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

County General Hospital
New York City
July 23, 1998

"Here's some coffee." Jarod said as he nudged Lyle awake.

"What?! Oh! Thanks." Lyle replied groggily as he took the coffee from Jarod. He had fallen asleep by Miss Parker that night before.

"How's she doing?" Jarod asked as he took a seat in the extra chair on the other side.

"Alright. The doctors said she should wake up sometime today. The wounds weren't that bad."

"Mind telling me what's going on?" Jarod inquired.

"I rather would like to tell it only once. So why don't we wait for Kyle since I'm sure he wants to hear." Lyle said just as Kyle came in. "Well if it isn't the devil himself!"

Kyle and Jarod looked at him perplexed.

"Figure of speech." Lyle explained. "Well I'm sure you want to hear the story so find a seat and listen."

Kyle pulled a chair in from outside and took a seat by Jarod. "I'm ready."

"Alright its long, so here goes." Lyle sighed taking a deep breath.

"Dr. Billy, Raines, had been my 'counselor' for most of my high school years. I started to see him my freshman year of high school. Anyway, he had been training me to be the type of pretender he wanted, as my sister would say, a psychotic killer. Kyle you should understand where I'm coming from. Anyway, after a while he began to think that I would do anything that he said and was a little less careful around me. One day one of the Triumverate was there to see how I was progressing, Raines thought I didn't know and well, let just say they weren't careful enough."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Townsend, Nebraska
December 13, 1978

Bobby sat quietly in the room pretending he was watching the images that were being played around him. Outside were Dr. Billy and some other man in a dark suit. Little did the two men know that he was watching and hearing everything they said.

"How is he progressing?" Asked the strange man.

"Just as planned. He will be quite useful later on." Dr. Billy replied. His beady eyes encompassing all known evil.

"Good. He will be a great asset to the Centre. I want the time table moved up, have him prepped by the end of his senior year."

"That's another year." Dr. Billy pointed out.

"Is that a problem?" The man demanded.


"Good, I need you back at the Centre soon. Miss Parker is due to visit her father and I want you there to perform some tests on her and Jarod."

"Understood. I would like permission to perform a couple more tests on her. Her brother is showing some abnormal activity in his temporal, parietal and occipital lobe areas. I want to see if there are similar activities going on in Miss Parker's brain. If so it might lead to some interesting results." Dr. Billy asked.

"You may, but I do not want the two of them together." The man said his head pointing towards Bobby.

"They are twins. Together their abilities could be twice the amount of Jarod's." Dr. Billy rasped.

"The Triumvirate does not want it. Go ahead with your tests and if we see that the results show promise then we will consider the reunion of the two."


Bobby sat listening in amusement to their conversation. He was startled by the fact that he had a sister, a twin. He tried to find out some more information about her but didn't get anything from the two men. As their conversation ended Dr. Billy made his way back into the room.

"Bobby I want you to look at these other pictures." Dr. Billy gestured at a box of other pictures. Bobby nodded and started to go through them, pretending he didn't hear the conversation.

'I need to find out about my sister.' He thought. Once he put his mind to it, he began to come up with multiple plans to find her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Dr. Billy's Office
Townsend, Nebraska
December 13, 1978

Bobby carefully snuck into Dr. Billy's office. He knew that his counselor was not going to be back for another hour. "Just enough time for me to find out what I need." He muttered glancing at the clock.

He carefully rummaged through the desk drawers and found nothing on his sister, but instead things about what they were doing to him. He could barely keep his anger in check. "What the hell do they think I am, a lab rat?"

He went over to the copier and began copying the stuff. As he waited impatiently for the copier to finish he noticed a locked file cabinet hidden behind a wall. "Wonder what's in there." He whispered as he made his way towards it. Pulling out a lock pick he opened the drawers. "Bingo!"

Just as he got the folders' contents copied and everything back in place the phone rang. "Shit!" He was so startled by it at first, thinking it was Dr. Billy. He waited for a minute or two and heard the answering machine pick up.

"Raines, you need to come back to the Centre today. The plane will be waiting for you, by the way, get your cell phone fixed! However, Miss Parker won't be here, she'll be in New York City with her friends. Scrap whatever you had planned for later. Sydney will be gone so you may do whatever you like with Jarod." The message ended there. Bobby's eyes gleamed with pleasure.

"New York City, I always wanted to go there!"
Part 3 by Apollos Girl aka AG
Disclaimer: It all belongs to NBC and the creators and anyone else I forgot to mention. Watch Pretender it's cool! Now read the Author's Note!!!!

Author's Note: This story takes place when Lyle and Miss Parker are in high school. Words in // and :: are thoughts sent telepathically. // are thoughts sent by Lyle and :: are thoughts sent by Miss Parker. And a special thanks goes to Danielle, cause I kind of stole the idea from her. Okay see it's pretty much the same as before. Nothing new, sorry I'm not that creative today. Hope you enjoy the story and send back comments!!! Below is a recap for those of you who don't remember that happened in the last two parts.

A quick look back: Okay for those of you who have read the first two parts, here's a quick recap (a lot happened so I will try to get it down in a couple of sentences). So here it goes… Parker is gone, having received a package from Jarod. Only it turns out it's not from Jarod and is from Lyle. Parker goes to an old warehouse apartment building and is oops caught by Lyle. But wait, it's okay because Parker and Lyle are brother and sister and get along extremely well! Okay and well they have a big pillow fight and everything is hunky-dory (especially Lyle, who's a real hunk in my opinion). But then it is all spoiled when Jarod and Kyle come onto the scene (who are also real hunks! ). Did I mention that Kyle is alive? Anyway, Parker and Lyle pretend that they are really enemies and well Parker gets shot! Oops! Kyle did it! Jarod is not mad, just confused and so is Kyle. So they all end up at the hospital, only Parker is a patient. Jarod gives Lyle a cup of coffee and he explains how Dr. Billy was doing weirdo experiments on him. Kyle is in the room too. So anyway he finds out that Parker is his sister and that she'll be in NYC. Oh and the 'man in the dark suit' is there with Dr. Billy. And that's where we are at now. Phew! Hope that helps! Now on to the story…

Gemini Vengeance
part 3

By Apollo's Girl

County General Hospital
New York City
July 23, 1998


Lyle took another sip of his coffee, which had gone cool as he told the story.

"So Raines was your 'counselor'." Jarod said.

"Yeah, thought I would do what he wanted. Boy was he wrong." Lyle replied.

"He's a son of a bitch alright." Kyle said as the other men nodded in agreement. "So what happened next?"

"I was able to arrange a trip to New York City. I went with my friend Jimmy Radloff."

"The one you killed." Jarod interjected.

"You mean the one you think I killed." Lyle replied seriously. "Jimmy is now living under another name. You know him, he's Miss Parker's sweeper."

"SAM?" Jarod and Kyle asked incredulously.

"I needed to make sure nothing ever happened to my sister. So Jimmy pretended to want to be a sweeper, applied for the job and got it. Anyway, I'll explain that all later. I went to New York and I found Parker. I have to say I was a bit disappointed that she was my sister, since she's so hot."

"Glad you think so."

The three men turned towards the speaker. Miss Parker was lying awake looking at them with a grin spread across her face.

"I was wondering how long it would take you guys to realize I was awake." She said. "For three guys who are suppose to be geniuses, you sure are pretty oblivious."

"I'm glad you're okay." Lyle said, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"How long have you been awake?"

"Long enough to hear most of the story."

"Gee, we are pretty oblivious." Lyle replied candidly.

"Sorry I shot you Parker." Kyle said with an apologetic look on his face.

"You didn't mean to." Miss Parker forgave as she tried to sit up in a more comfortable position.

"Now that you're awake here's some flowers." Jarod said, handing her a bouquet of red roses that had been sitting on the window ledge.

"Thanks, they're beautiful." The two looked at each other coyly. The two younger brothers smirked at each other, knowing what their older siblings would never admit. "Hmm…" Miss Parker mumbled to hide her uneasiness.

"Here we'll put these in here." Lyle said taking the flowers from her and placing them in a vase by her bed.

"You didn't get me any flowers?" She asked in a teasing voice.

"Didn't have time, too busy making sure nothing happened to you." Lyle replied seriously.

::You slept in here with me all last night?::

//Yeah, that a problem?//

::No. Just glad that someone cares for me so much!::

//Yeah, well if I didn't, Jarod would have stayed with you all night. You aren't mad that I stayed now, are you? I mean I could of let you stay with Jarod all night long, alone, in a hospital gown with no back, that could easily slip off for you two to get to know each other better…//

::Bobby you Pervert!!: Miss Parker sent thoroughly annoyed. Although in the back of her head she was playing out what 'could' have happened.

//You call me a pervert, but who's still thinking about it?//

Jarod and Kyle, who had been sitting in the room silently watching the two, noticed the very red blush that was appearing on Miss Parker's face.

"Is, uhh, everything alright?" Jarod, who had figured out by now that the two were telepathically communicating with each other, ventured to ask.

"Everything is fine!!" Miss Parker spat out. Lyle started to laugh.

"She was just thinking some very naughty thoughts!" Lyle explained playfully.

"Just shut-up! And I was not, it was you!" Miss Parker retorted, crossing her arms. Jarod and Kyle exchanged perplexed looks and decided to let it go.

"Yeah, she was thinking about someone in here." Lyle said looking pointedly towards Jarod and Kyle. Miss Parker's face turned an even brighter red. ::You Jerk!!::

Kyle immediately understood whom Lyle was referring to and began to chuckle. Jarod finally understood and flashed a flirtatious grin at Miss Parker. Who was now even angrier, but at the same time wanted to show that she wasn't bothered by it. She flashed her half-invitation half-intimidation smile at Jarod.

"Well I'm sure he's thinking the same exact naughty thoughts as you are!" Kyle interjected, causing Jarod to blush. "He sure didn't mind helping the paramedics take your shirt off last night!"

Miss Parker opened her eyes in surprise. Jarod flashed Kyle a "I'm going to kill you!" look and Lyle was now laughing hysterically along with Kyle.

"No he sure didn't seem to mind!" Lyle supported. The two grinned at each other, clearly enjoying tormenting their older siblings. "And I'm sure my sister wouldn't have minded if she was conscious."

Miss Parker and Jarod looked at each other in exasperation. "Little brothers, how annoying!" They both muttered at the same time underneath their breaths, but loud enough for the other two to hear, which just caused Lyle and Kyle to burst out laughing again. The older siblings just rolled their eyes at each other, but couldn't keep their smiles hidden.

"Uh, well… Shouldn't you be getting back to the story?" Jarod asked, trying to regain his composure and trying to get them back on track.

"Huh, oh, yeah we probably should." Lyle replied as he tried to compose himself. Kyle sat back down in his chair and noticed that Jarod had moved his chair slightly away from him and closer to Miss Parker. Kyle gave him an innocent questioning glance, to which Jarod responded with a slightly annoyed one. Kyle just smirked. Lyle and Miss Parker were having their own similar silent sibling exchange. Miss Parker, who was still annoyed at Lyle, moved slightly more to other side where Jarod was. Lyle noticed, but decided not to say anything about it. He just gave her a very innocent 'I'm sorry' look. She rolled her eyes and tried to make herself more comfortable.

"So, where did I leave off?" Lyle asked as he settled into his seat.

"You found the files on Parker, saying that she was your sister, and that she was going to be in New York. You and Jimm- uh, Sam, arranged to go to NYC and that's where you left off." Kyle replied.

"Well, okay, Vane- Parker do you want to tell your side, or should I continue?" He asked.

"I thought you hated to be called by your first name, Parker?" Jarod cut-in.

"I don't, but it's just better if everyone calls me Parker." She replied then changed the subject.

"And I guess I can tell my side of it. You are not that great of a story teller."

"And you are?"

Ignoring her brother, Miss Parker started on her side of the story. "I was in NYC with my friend Danielle for a school break and…"

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Penthouse at Ritz Hotel
New York, New York
December 14, 1978

Miss Parker sat down on the couch in the penthouse living room. "Finally a vacation!"

"Tell me about it!" Danielle replied as Miss Parker directed the bellboy to put the bags in the appropriate rooms of their two-room penthouse. "School has been a killer lately!" She said as she looked around the room with wide gleaming eyes filled with pleasure. "I can't believe we are staying in a penthouse, the Ritz no less!"

"Believe it!" Parker replied smiling at her friend's enthusiasm.

"Daddy thought it was best if I came here for vacation this year."

"Thank you so much for taking me!!"

"No problem! New York City isn't any fun without friends." Parker replied. "So what first?"

"I think I just want to explore the hotel and take a nap." Danielle said as she tried to stifle a yawn. "I think the excitement has finally taken its toll."

"I'm not surprised. I've never seen anyone more excited than you about going to New York City. Anyway the plane ride from London was long."

"What are you going to do?" Danielle asked.

"I think I'm going to take a walk around the city for a while. It helps me relax." Miss Parker replied.

"I don't know how with all those people and the traffic, but whatever. I'll see you later Parker."

"I should be back for dinner." Miss Parker nodded as she went towards their private elevator. "We can go to a club and pick up some guys."

"Isn't it the other way around?"

"Not with me its not!" Danielle laughed as Miss Parker sashayed through the elevator doors.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

County General Hospital
New York City
July 23, 1998

"Sis what does this have to do with the story?" Lyle interrupted.

"I'm trying to set the story up, now be quiet and let me continue." Parker replied, trying to hush up her brother.

"Well I think they might want to know how I got to New York, so why don't I tell my side and you can take over later."

Jarod and Kyle looked at each other and shrugged to let the other two know that it didn't matter to them.

"Oh, alright. Whatever you want!" Miss Parker replied, annoyed that she couldn't continue.

"Alrighty then, Jimmy and I borrowed some money from our friends and we stayed at this motel in Manhattan…"

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

New York, New York
December 16, 1978

"Let me get this straight again, Bobby, that counselor is trying to turn you into a psychotic killer and you have a twin sister too?" Jimmy asked trying to comprehend the stuff his best friend was telling him.

"That's the long and short of it." Bobby replied in his nonchalant way.

"And you expect me to believe that?!" Jimmy asked incredulously. "It sounds like some soap opera cross science fiction to me."

"I know, but it's the truth."

"Okay, so what's the plan?" Jimmy inquired. "How are you going to find your sister in this huge city?"

"Well, 'we' are going to go to the Ritz. I found out from Dr. Billy's phone call that she should be there."


"Yes WE!"

"Um, I only came to give you morale support, not to… " Jimmy didn't get to finish his sentence as Bobby threw him this 'you better help me look.' "Alright, alright! What do we do?" Jimmy asked reluctantly.

"First we go to the Ritz as I said before and we find out what room she's in." Bobby replied.

"And how do we find that out? Do you even know what she looks like?" Jimmy inquired.

"Yes, see here's her picture." Bobby said as he gave Jimmy the picture. Jimmy let out a low whistle.

"Good looking!"

"I know, kind of a bummer." Bobby replied. "Oh, her name is Miss Parker. Didn't find a first name though."

"Strange." Jimmy commented.

"Everything with the Centre is strange."

"The Centre?"

"Oh, that's the organization that Dr. Billy works for. Why they want me I'm still unsure about."

"Okay, so once we find out what room she's in, what do you do?"

"I tell her that she is my twin." Bobby replied.

"And you expect her to believe you?" Jimmy asked skeptically.

"I have proof."

"How do you think she'll react, for all you know she may totally dis you!"

"I don't know how she'll react, I'm just going to play all this by ear." Bobby said, thinking about it.

"I was afraid you were going to say that." Jimmy replied. Bobby looked at him quizzically. "Every time you say 'I'll play it by ear' you end up in some type of trouble."

"Not this time." Bobby said confidently.

"Uh, huh sure."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Ritz Hotel
New York, New York
December 17, 1978

Miss Parker sat in the lobby waiting for Danielle. The two had decided to split up that day and were going to meet for dinner. Just as she was going to go up to find out what was taking her so long, Danielle came out of the elevator.

"Hey there!" Danielle greeted as she walked over to her friend.

"What took you so long?" Miss Parker asked.

"Couldn't get out of the shower." Danielle replied sheepishly. "That bathroom is huge and well, I haven't taken a bubble bath in so long…"

"Yeah I know the feeling. I just hope there is enough hot water for me to take one!" Miss Parker joked. As they walked out the hotel and to the restaurant down they street they noticed two guys following them.

"Parker, you notice those guys?"

"The two that are following us?"

"Not bad looking but they are giving me the creeps." Danielle replied.

"Well, lets find out what they want!" Parker said as they rounded the corner. They stopped and as the two guys came around the two girls stopped them.

"Why are you guys following us?" Miss Parker demanded. The two guys looked at each other and one of them took a big sigh.

"Um, Miss Parker you don't know me, but I have something very important to tell you that I don't think you will believe."

"What?" She asked hesitantly curious.

"I'm Bobby Bowman and your twin brother, I have proof too. See!" He said in a big rush handing her a folder.

"WHAT?!" Parker exclaimed.
Part 4 by Apollos Girl aka AG
Disclaimer: The Pretender characters belong to NBC and their creators. Danielle belongs to Danielle. And Lyle if she had her choice. I'm just borrowing them for the joy of entertainment and making them do what I want them to do, without getting in trouble.

Author's Note: If you have read the story this far then you should know that words in // and :: are thoughts sent telepathically. // are thoughts sent by Lyle and :: are thoughts sent by Miss Parker. I'm glad that you have enjoyed it this much, I think you do if you're reading the fourth part! Well, enough chitchat from me, go on to the story!

Gemini Vengeance
part 4

By Apollo's Girl

New York, New York
December 17, 1978


The four young teenagers stood at the corner of the alley in silence,

Miss Parker's "What?' echoing down the alleyway. Bobby looked at her earnestly while waiting for her to say something, but when she just continued to stare at him like he was missing an appendage or something so he continued.

"Look, I know that what I just said about being your twin brother and stuff sounds really outrageous and stuff… I also probably didn't say it right, but it's all true! " Bobby said in an apologetic voice. "Here's the proof I found." He held the folder out to her.

Danielle stood still in amazement at what was going on and looked at her friend hesitantly. Miss Parker tried to get herself together.

'Brother?!' She thought bewildered. As she composed her inner chaos, she looked at her friend Danielle and then back at the guys. Jimmy flinched when he saw her icy glare, but Bobby stood there unfazed.

"Bastard!" She hissed at Bobby as she walked away, Danielle following close behind. Bobby went to reach out to stop Parker but Jimmy stopped him. He gave Bobby an 'I told you so look!' and shook his head. Bobby ignored his friend and ran up to stop his sister, leaving Jimmy behind.

"Wait!" Bobby shouted as he grabbed Parker's arm. An electric shock went through them that made him let go. Parker turned around to look at him.

"Leave me alone!" She yelled at him. "I don't know what kind of sick game you're trying to play, but I'm not playing it! So just leave me alone!"

"Please just give me ten minutes to explain everything to you and then if you still don't believe me, I'll leave you alone." Bobby pleaded.

Miss Parker looked at him suspiciously, weighing in her mind the pros and cons of listening to him.

"It can't hurt!" Danielle whispered in Parker's ear. Parker turned to look at her friend in silence.

'But it would!' Miss Parker thought. 'It probably would.' A few minutes passed by in silence as the two waited for Parker's answer.

"Alright, you have ten minutes to explain this belief you have." Parker replied, crossing her arms in front of her chest as if she was trying to protect her heart from any painful truth. Inside she was telling herself that this would be a big mistake.

"How about we go someplace where we can sit down?" Bobby suggested. "Maybe the park?"

"Fine!" Parker replied a bit reluctantly. Part of her didn't want to go, afraid that this could be true, yet another part wanted to know. The three made their way to the park, meeting Jimmy at the crosswalk. They walked the two blocks to the park in pairs.

"Real smooth, Bobby!" Jimmy whispered to his friend. "Just blurt out that you're her brother. Don't even try to get to know her first. You know she could turn out to be a real bitch and then you'll have to deal with her… "

"Look I know!" Bobby said cutting his friend off. "I probably should have told her a bit more smoothly, but it just came out. So sue me! I'm just taking this one step at a time."

"Next time think first!" Jimmy replied, scoldingly. Bobby just nodded in agreement and went back into his own private thoughts.

Danielle looked back at the two guys and then her friend. "You okay?"

"Should I be?" Parker asked.

"Who ever thought that you would have such a cute brother!" Danielle said trying to cheer her up.

"We don't even know if he's my brother!" Miss Parker hissed back in denial. Although inside she had this feeling that he was. That one shock when they touched sent this familiar like feeling through her.

//::Like we're were connected:://

Miss Parker turned back to look at Bobby and caught his eye. Their eyes mirrored each other's surprise. Then both of them shook their heads.

'No we couldn't have just thought the same thing.' Bobby and Parker thought.

'I wonder if it is true.' Miss Parker pondered. 'But then that would mean… Why wouldn't my parents have told me about him? Why would they have sent him away? Why?'

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Central Park
New York, New York
December 17, 1978

Bobby walked with the other three in the park. He wasn't really sure on how to prove to Miss Parker that he was her brother. After all who in their right mind would believe such a cockamamie story? The four walked in uncomfortable silence for a while. Finally deciding that he had to do this sooner or later, Bobby stopped the group.

"Uh, if you don't mind Miss Parker, but I would like to talk to you about this alone." Bobby said, looking at Miss Parker. She stood there contemplating his request and nodded her head in agreement. Danielle and Jimmy just looked at each other.

"We'll wait for you guys over there." Jimmy replied, pointing at a bench a few feet away. Bobby nodded and he and Miss Parker walked towards the pond in the middle of the park. They made their way to a bench by the pond and sat down. They didn't say anything for a few minutes. Finally curiosity and impatience getting the best of her, Miss Parker asked "So what's this proof you have?"

"This." Bobby replied handing her a folder. Inside were both of their birth certificates, documents signed by her father, Dr. Billy (Raines) and members of the Triumvirate for Bobby's adoption, as well as test results. Miss Parker quietly looked through them trying to digest everything in.

"Look I know this is most likely hard for you take in, it was a bit for me. I-" Bobby didn't get to finish his sentence as he noticed a tear escape her eyes. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry!" He replied apologetically as he searched for a tissue. He really hated when women cried.

"Don't bother!" Miss Parker said as she tried to cover up her emotions. She was already becoming the hard core woman she is today. "I can't believe they would do something like this! I mean how could they? What gives them the right?" Miss Parker asked in disbelief.

"They have no right, but apparently since we are Pretenders they think they can do whatever they want with us!" Bobby replied angrily. Miss Parker stared at the documents in silence and then looked up at Bobby.

"So you really are my brother!" She whispered.

"Yeah! I guess I am."

"Uh… well… what do we do now?" Miss Parker asked as she tried to figure out what to say or do.

"I have no idea!" Bobby replied as he threw his hands in the air. Miss Parker laughed at her brother's frustrated exasperation. Bobby joined in.

"Maybe we should try introductions over again. I don't think I did to well earlier!" Bobby replied as their laughter died down a bit.

"Maybe we should." Miss Parker nodded in agreement.

"Well then, I'm Bobby Bowman or should I say Bobby Parker. "

"I'm Miss Parker."

"No first name?"

"Well, I don't like to be called by it so I never told anyone what it was." Parker replied. 'Except for Jarod.'

"Don't you think, since I'm your twin, you should tell me?" Bobby asked. "Puh-leeese?"

"It's Vanessa." Parker replied with a smile. Bobby smiled back.

"It's a pretty name. You know I have only one complaint about you being my sister."

"And what would that be? I mean you hardly even know me." Parker replied.

"That you're so beautiful. If you weren't my sister I would have asked you out and now I probably have to protect you from horny guys." Bobby answered a bit pouty.

"Let's get one thing straight! I do not need anyone to protect me, I can take care of myself!" Parker replied defensively.

"Uh-huh sure…" Bobby replied rolling his eyes. Parker was about to say something when he leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "But then again if we're twins you probably can take care of yourself and whip anyone's ass!"

Parker looked at him, trying to figure him out and just decided to go with it. "You are one strange guy!"

"Hey, well I try! So what kind of things do you like to do?"

The two began to talk about themselves trying to learn as much as they could about their twin. Unfortunately they forgot about Jimmy and Danielle, who were sitting on the bench quite cold and quite bored. There they stayed for another two hours.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

New York, New York
December 19, 1978

Miss Parker walked along the street with Bobby arm in arm. In the two days since they met they have become inseparable. Fortunately, Danielle and Jimmy didn't mind, for those two were becoming quite close. As they walked down the street they looked in the windows and chitchatted about themselves, trying to learn everything they could about the other.

"Oh look at that!" Parker said pointing at a suit in one of the windows. "That would look good on you."

"Yeah, if I liked suits." Bobby replied with a slightly disgusted look on his face. "But then again I do."

"You always have to disagree with me first don't you?" Parker teasingly asked.

"Well, yeah! I'm trying to make up for the last seventeen years of sibling rivalry."

"You mean we can't just get along?"

"Oh, but that would be so boring!"

"Nothing in relation to the Centre is ever boring!" Parker replied. She was still angry about the whole deal about her brother being stolen away, but then again who wouldn't.

"Hey Vanessa?" Bobby asked as he noticed the anger that was built up in her icy blue eyes.


"Remember the other day when we were walking to the park?"

"Yes I remember." Parker replied, who wouldn't? That was the day she found she had a brother.

"Well, as I recall when we were walking I swear I thought I heard your voice-thoughts in my head." Bobby said.

"I know, so do I. What do you think that means?" Parker asked curiously.

"Maybe we have telepathy." Bobby replied contemplatively.

"Sydney would know, maybe we should ask him."


"He does twin research."

"I know that, but can we trust him?" Bobby asked seriously.

"Oh course we can! Why wouldn't we?"

"I just don't trust anyone from that place anymore. What kind of people would steal children, lie about it, do experiments on them and exploit them? I certainly wouldn't trust anyone who would do that. Including our father."

"Daddy? But why would he? No, you don't know him, he would never do anything like that!" Miss Parker defended.

"Then why was his signature on the document that allowed me to be taken away?"

"They probably forged it! My father would never do anything like that!" Parker said trying to sound convincing. Since she found out what they did to Bobby, the experiments, she had doubted everyone at the Centre. She did not want to doubt her own father, he was the only family she had since her mother died, well except now she had Bobby too. Tears started to escape as she struggled to decide what to believe.

"Vanessa." Bobby said quietly as he brought his arms around her. "I didn't mean to make you cry, but I think it would just be safer if you don't trust anyone but yourself at the Centre."

"Bobby, you are asking me not trust to my own father? Do you know how hard that is? He was the only family I had after mom's death and I can't just stop loving him…" She asked as she pushed herself away from him.

"Sis, I didn't say you had to stop loving him, I'm just saying take everything he says with a grain of salt. Trust me not all fathers are trustworthy." Bobby explained, his own eyes darkening at how his 'father,' Mr. Lyle Bowman, would treat him. Miss Parker noticed and in her mind saw a glimpse of how he was treated.

"Oh, Bobby I didn't know." She replied as she gave him a hug. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I'm sorry I didn't want you to kno- Wait! How did you know? I didn't say anything." Bobby asked in surprise. Vanessa looked at him.

"I saw it in my head... you don't think-? Maybe we *do* have telepathy!"

"Wow! Cool!" Bobby replied. "Can you see what I'm thinking now?"

Parker concentrated on trying to see what it was, but found that she couldn't. She shook her head.

"Maybe it has to be one of those things that you can't try at?" She suggested.

"Maybe…" Bobby replied thoughtfully. //Maybe it was just a fluke.//

::It could have been, but I don't think so.::

//Are we talking?//


Bobby smiled at Parker as realization hit them. He spun her around in the middle of the sidewalk as he shouted, "cool!" Causing a lot of people to look at them strangely.

''Bobby put me down, you are causing a scene!" Parker scolded, although she had a huge smile on her face.

"Sorry." Bobby replied as he put her down, but he still kept one arm around her shoulder.

"Think we should tell Jimmy and Danielle?"

"How about after we play another game of charades with them? I'm still peeved that they beat us the five times." Parker replied mischievously.

"I think that can be arranged."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Ritz Hotel
New York, New York
December 19, 1978

Parker and Bobby laughed hysterically on the bed as Danielle and Jimmy tried to look very upset.

"You cheaters!" Danielle yelled, although she started to giggle as Bobby's and Parker's laughter became infectious.

"Remind me never to play a game with them ever again." Jimmy said rolling his eyes. The four laughed. A few minutes later they had quieted down, each lost in their own thoughts. Jimmy sat on the floor besides Danielle, who was sitting on one end of the couch. Parker and Bobby were sitting on the opposite end. As usual Bobby had one protective arm around Parker's shoulders, as if he let go he would lose her again.

"So what happens now?" Danielle asked. "I mean are you going to go to your father and say 'Hi I'm your son, take me back?"

"I have no clue, but I know that I'm not going back there now." Bobby replied.

"I still can't believe that anyone would do that." Jimmy said.

"I always thought that the Centre was working for the good of people." Parker said. "I mean why would my mother work for a place like that?"

"Maybe she didn't know." Danielle suggested.

"I agree with Danielle." Bobby replied. "From the papers I was able to get, it all shows that only a portion of the Centre employees are involved with the evil doings at the Centre. The others just think that they are working for a company doing research for the good of the people."

"My father founded the company, I still find it hard to believe that he would let it fall to evil."

"People change Parker." Jimmy said.

"Well I don't want to work for a company that kidnaps children, kills children and exploit them." Parker replied. "Even though Daddy wants me too."

"Maybe you should." Bobby suggested.

"What?" The other three asked.

"I mean what happens if you do everything that Daddy wants, then when you get a high enough position start to change things for the better. No one would suspect you of doing that."


"Get a job at corporate, then when you ask to make changes make it look like it's for what they want, but in reality it would change it so that it would make it harder for them to take more children and stuff." Bobby explained. Parker, Danielle and Jimmy looked at him in understanding.

"How could we help?" Danielle and Jimmy asked.

"I don't know yet, but we will figure it out when the time comes." For the rest of the evening the four teens made plans on how to make the Centre better.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

County General Hospital
New York City
July 23, 1998

Jarod and Kyle looked at Parker and Lyle in astonishment. "So you're saying that the two of you have planned everything since you were teens?" Jarod asked in surprise.

"Yep." Bobby replied looking at the two brothers.

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" Jarod asked Parker.

"I wanted to, but I never really had a chance and well, Bobby didn't think it was a good idea." Parker explained.

"I didn't know who you were and how you would react, plus it limited the chance of sis being found out."

"But if you were trying to make the Centre a better place then what is with the killing sprees, the Yakuza and you trying to kill both me and my brother?" Kyle asked, accusingly.

"It was to make the Centre believe that their experiment worked." Lyle explained. "They were trying to turn me into a killer, like you Kyle, except I would be more of a… how should I say this? A business man as well."

"So you were pretending the whole time?" Jarod asked incredulously.

"I'll admit to you guys right now that I'm not all that good. Unfortunately the Centre's experiments worked to some degree. I really do enjoy being bad, but because of Parker I've stayed on the right track for the most part." Lyle replied.

"I still think you could have dealt without the Yakuza." Parker scolded.

"I know, but at least Tomei saved my thumb." Lyle said with a smile.

"But I thought that you-" Jarod started to ask as Lyle pulled the stub away.

"It's a prostectic hand that makes it look like I'm thumbless. I like to think that it adds to the dramatic effects of things."

"That and he thinks it gets him women." Parker cut in under her breath, which Lyle responded with a small slap on her arm.

"Don't hit the patient!" She ordered. Lyle gave her an apologetic look.

"Okay, so how did Jimmy become Sam the sweeper?" Jarod asked.

"After sis got placed in corporate, I wanted Jimmy there to protect her and he was already dead."

"Yeah I was going to ask you about that, why did you fake his death?"

Kyle asked.

"Raines wanted me to do it, thought of it as a test. Kill Jimmy and frame my father, that son of a- anyway Raines also wanted me to get out into the world without the family ties." Lyle explained with a look of hatred. "So I told Jimmy about it and we thought it would also be a good way of getting him into the Centre without people suspecting too much. Poor Jimmy- I thought he would kill me when I asked him to fake his death."

"Why did he agree to it?"

"He didn't have that great of a family life either. His mother was a slut who never wanted him and his father was a drunk. They didn't care that he was dead."

"So Jimmy became Sam and what about Danielle? Please don't tell me she's Bridget." Jarod asked.

"Thank goodness she's not!" Parker exclaimed. "No, she was my secretary but now she's a house wife. I told her that she was no longer allowed to work at the Centre if she had kids. I didn't want to place her in anymore danger."

"She agreed to that?" Jarod asked. "She doesn't sound like the type of person who would go without a fight."

"You right, she didn't. I wanted both her and her husband out but she would only leave if Jimmy would stay." Parker asked as she remembered the hour-long argument.

"Jimmy and Danielle got married?" Jarod smiled.

"Yeah, it was one of the most beautiful weddings." Lyle replied with a sentimental smile.

"As hard as it may be to believe, but Bobby is a huge romantic and sentimentalist. " Parker stated. Jarod and Kyle looked at her in disbelief, but shrugged their shoulders in acceptance. After listening to what happened between the two they would believe almost anything.

"There is something that you guys should probably know too." Lyle said looking pointedly at Parker.

::Bobby no! I don't want them to know.::

//They have the right to know, especially Jarod.//

::But the plan failed, they don't need to know.::

//Vanessa I'm telling them. They do need to know!//

"What is it?" Jarod asked, noticing that Parker looked very uncomfortable.

"The Centre had another plan for the Red File people, especially for you and Parker." Lyle explained. "They were going to breed Pretenders, they thought it would be easier to breed them instead of kidnapping them."

Jarod and Kyle looked at him in surprise. "How could they? Did it work?" Kyle asked.

"No, fortunately Daddy put a stop to it." Parker said.

"You mean when they sent you down to see me the first time it was so that later we would…" Jarod didn't finish his question as Parker nodded in confirmation.

"The bastards." Jarod said.

"They were raising us to have more Pretenders, but Daddy when he found out didn't want to have his grandchildren be treated as lab rats. He didn't want it done to me, I guess as some sort of apology for mom's death." Parker replied quietly.

"I guess he was finally facing regrets." Lyle said to soothe his sister. He knew that she still hurt a lot from knowing that her father knowingly allowed some experimentation to be done on her.

"I know this may seem rude, but what are the changes that you have made?" Kyle asked.

"Nothing that can be seen now and I have to say this." Lyle said turning his attention to Jarod. "Because of your escape you ruined a lot of our plans!"

Jarod looked at Lyle and replied "Well if you hadn't tried killing me and maybe if you had informed me of your plans we could have worked something out!"

Although the men had been friendly to each other since Parker was brought into the hospital there was still an underlying tension of hate between the three. Parker noticed this and cleared her throat. "Look guys, lets not fight about this right now. A lot of things happened that none of us foresaw and we all did things that we all will regret, so why don't we just try to get past all of that?"

"Always the voice of wisdom." Lyle replied, slightly sarcastic.

"So what now?" Kyle asked.

"Now we make a new plan that involves us." Jarod said. Lyle and Parker looked at each other and back at the brothers.

"So where should we start? Kill off Raines, change the Centre or wreak Pretender havoc?" Lyle asked candidly.

The other three exchanged gleeful looks as the their minds plotted an interesting Pretender revenge.
Part 5 by Apollos Girl aka AG
Disclaimer: As Jarod would say, "You know the dance, Parker!" The Pretender belongs to their creators and NBC. I'm just tangoing with them for a bit, don't worry NBC, Craig and Steven you'll get them back for your dance! The X-Files and all characters from that show belong to Chris Carter and 1013 and whoever else they are suppose to belong to.

Author's Note: If you have read the story this far then you should know that words in // and :: are thoughts sent telepathically. // are thoughts sent by Lyle and :: are thoughts sent by Miss Parker. I was inspired to write this next part by the episode "Murder 101" that was on Saturday, January 9, 1999. I hope you all like it.

Spoilers: I figured I should start putting these things on. Don't read this if you haven't seen Murder 101, Assassins, or Mr. Lee.

Gemini Vengeance
part 5

By Apollo's Girl

Miss Parker's Office
The Centre
Blue Cove, Delaware
January 9, 1999

Parker just hung up the phone after talking to Jarod. She put her head in her hands in disbelief. Her father was marrying Brigitte, could the world get any worse?

"Has our father gone off the deep end or what?" Lyle asked as came into her office.

"Why her?" Parker asked as she walked over to her brother.

"How the heck should I know?" He asked as he gave her a hug.

"You worked with her!" Parker pointed out. "And where were you? I wish you were there when I found them."

"Ugh, Sis! Please don't send that image of them in the hut tub again!"

Lyle said shaking his head in disgust at the mental image his sister was sending him.

"I don't think I should be the only one who has to see it! You should have been there with me! What kind of brother are you to make your sister go through something like that alone?" She demanded.

"Vanessa, I would have been there if I could, even though I really didn't want to. Anyway I was at Kyle's. We were getting some more info and equipment."

"Oh. How is he?" Parker asked, she hadn't seen Kyle since Lyle had come back to work at the Centre in October.

"He's fine, there's nothing really new. He's still monitoring some of the other Centre sub-offices and has been infiltrating them every now and then for more information." Lyle informed. "And I didn't see Jarod."

"I didn't ask."

"I know, but you were thinking about it. I personally don't want to see him right now. Not after what happened with Nicholas." Lyle said as he remembered Jarod's threat.

"He was just playing with you, although I have to say finding you lying on the floor was hilarious." Parker replied with a sly grin. Lyle rolled his eyes in exasperation.

"Whose side are you on?" He asked.

"You know he's laughing at us." Parker said, ignoring her brother's question as she poured both of them a drink.

"I'm not surprised. If this wasn't happening to us I would be too." Lyle replied taking his drink.

"To our messed up family." Parker toasted. They both took a huge gulp of their drink and looked at each other wearily. "Have you seen them yet?"

"No, actually I was coming to tell you that Dad was looking for us." Lyle replied as he put his glass back onto the bar.

"Well I guess we should go." Parker said, not wanting to go at all.

"Come on. It can't be that bad." Lyle said trying to comfort his sister. She just threw him a disgusted look. "Come on." He replied as he pulled her out of the office.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Mr. Parker's Office
The Centre
Blue Cove, Delaware
January 9, 1999

"Son!" Mr. Parker greeted as Mr. Lyle and Miss Parker came in through the doors.


"Dad." "Daddy." The two greeted in reply. Mr. Parker looked slightly disappointed when Miss Parker didn't give him her customary kiss on the cheek.

"How was your vacation son?" Mr. Parker asked, looking at his son.

"It was alright. Nothing that interesting happened."

"Hmph." Mr. Parker responded quietly. Then looking over at Miss Parker he cleared his throat. "I don't know if your sister has informed you or not, but I'm engaged."

"To who?" Lyle asked with wide eyes.

"Me, luv!" Brigitte said coming out of Mr. Parker's private washroom.

"Brigitte!" Lyle replied trying to sound happily surprised.

::Fine then make me look like the bad one!::

//Play along! At least this way one of us will still be in good with them. And obviously I'm the one who's most likely to be happy about this!//

::I still hate this!::

//Well think of it this way, at least you have an excuse to skip the wedding! I would have to go, but you could stay home and sulk. Dad would be more understanding about it, I think.//

::I hope she doesn't wear leather.::

//Amen to that!//

The two looked at each other and both had to stifle the urge to start laughing. They both turned around to listen to Mr. Parker.

"Kids, I think it would be a good idea for us all to go out to dinner together tonight, after all we are now one big happy family!"

::With a woman who is younger than us as a step-mother. That slut!::

//Sis! Be nice!//

::I didn't say it out loud!::

//Still, don't say that stuff while the others are here, I can't be blamed if I start laughing.//

::They really made a mistake when they thought that neither of us could pretend!::

"Dad, I think that would be a wonderful idea!" Lyle replied, having a real hard time keeping a straight face. Especially since his sister was sending him mental images of ways to kill Brigitte.

"Angel?" Mr. Parker asked.

"I still don't agree with this." Her voice saying that she would go.

"Now, luv. Just give your new mommy a chance!" Brigitte said, smirking.

::Die, Die, Die!!!::

"When hell freezes over!" Miss Parker hissed as she walked out the door.

"That went well!" Mr. Lyle replied as he followed his sister.

"I'm glad you are taking this better than she is." Mr. Parker replied.

"Well, its your life not mine!"

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Miss Parker's House
Blue Cove, Delaware
January 9, 1999

"Vanessa?" Lyle called out as he entered her house through the back door.

"In the kitchen!" She responded. He went in and found her pulling out a bottle of bourbon and some milk.

"Ulcer?" He asked, concerned. She nodded in reply. "You should see a doctor about it!"

"I am!" She replied.

"Interesting dinner tonight." Lyle replied a bit sarcastically.

"Which part? Brigitte fawning and pawing Daddy all night, the way she kept calling us luv, or that horrendous outfit she was wearing?"

"I was thinking more along the lines of how you stormed out of there."

"I couldn't take it anymore!"

"This is going to put a damper on some of our plans!" Lyle replied following his sister out of the kitchen.

"I know." She replied, sitting down on her couch, Lyle sitting besides her. "Did you tell Kyle about it?"

"Yeah. He knows. He couldn't stop laughing!" Lyle replied remembering when he first found out. He and Kyle were working on the computer when his sister sent that image of their father and Brigitte in the hot tub. He got such a horrified look on his face that Kyle noticed and asked him what was wrong. He told him and Kyle practically fell off of his seat laughing. "You know those brothers are a lot alike."

"I know, it's annoying at times!" Miss Parker replied.

"We are going to need to come up with a plan around Brigitte."

"I think that we should talk to Jarod and Kyle about it too. We really need to see how far we are and then we can work something out."

"You want to call them?" Lyle asked, trying to find any excuse not to call Jarod. He was still a bit resentful that Jarod made him look like a fool.

"I'll call them." Miss Parker giggled, sensing her brother's apprehension and the reason for it.

"No need, we are here." The two siblings looked up to see Jarod and

Kyle coming towards them.

"Hey!" Miss Parker said as she got up to greet them.

"What's up?" Kyle asked as he gave Miss Parker a hug.

"Like you don't know!" Miss Parker replied.

"How are you doing, Bobby?" Jarod asked as he sat down next to Lyle. Lyle looked at him wearily.

"I'm fine, now that you are not sticking a gun in my face!" Lyle replied with a joking tone underlying his serious one.

"Forgive and forget?" Jarod offered.

"Like you have?" Lyle asked.

"Well you did try killing me twice!"

"Oh, no they are at it again!" Miss Parker said rolling her eyes in exasperation. Kyle looked just as exasperated as Miss Parker.

Jarod and Lyle looked at their siblings and broke out in big grins.

"Works every time!" The two said as they slapped high fives. Which earned them two pillow swaps in the face from Miss Parker and Kyle. The two looked stunned, causing Miss Parker and Kyle to grin.

"Maybe before this gets out of hand like last time," Jarod said. "We should start figuring out what to do."

"I agree." Miss Parker replied, sitting down in between her brother and Jarod. Jarod automatically put his arm around her. Kyle and Lyle looked at each other hiding their grins.

"So how far along are we?" Lyle asked, getting serious.

"We have most of the information we need for the FBI and I have been able to weaken some of their security systems." Kyle replied. "I also made contact with some people to help insure that if anything were to happen to any of us the information about the Centre would still get out."

"That's good. The only thing now is that we will have to deal with Brigitte's influence over Mr. Parker." Jarod replied.

"That shouldn't be too hard." Lyle replied. "I can take care of that. I did sleep with her before."

"You what?!" Miss Parker asked, shock going over her face.

"Call it a moment of insanity." Lyle defended. "Hey at least I can talk her into helping us out. Unknowingly that is."

Jarod grinned. "You can take care of that, Bobby. Kyle I think its time to start shutting down those sub-offices. We'll do it one at a time and periodically. Wouldn't want the Centre to figure out what we are doing."

"I'll make sure that the investigation will find no trace of either of you." Parker replied.

"Other than that, the plan is still the same?"

The other three men nodded. "We start leaking the information to the FBI, we get Broots, Angelo and Sydney out and we slowly shut the Centre down."

"Then we reopen it to its' intended purpose." Lyle said after Kyle finished talking.

"So who are we going to leak the stuff too?" Parker asked. "How do we know we can trust these people at the FBI? After all, they are one of the Centre's biggest customers."

"It's only the people who are behind the scenes who know about us." Jarod replied. "There are only two people I trust there that would use the information that we leak to them for good. Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully at the FBI."

"Weren't they the ones who use to work on the X-Files?" Lyle asked.

"The what?" Parker replied.

"The X-Files are cases involving UFO's, alien abductions, demon babies, umm, cancer-eating people, umm, any thing out of the norm. You name it they investigated it. Most of it is government conspiracy stuff." Kyle explained.

"Are you sure they can be trusted?" Parker asked.

"Positive." Jarod replied, confidently.

"Alright, let the action and fun begin!" Kyle exclaimed as he and Lyle slapped high-fives.

"I just can't wait till we see their faces." Lyle grinned evilly.

"I think we should tie Raines into that chair, the one he had me tied down to, when the FBI comes to get them." Kyle replied.

"And Brigitte from the ceiling." Parker added.

"In a short skirt." Lyle replied slyly.

"That wouldn't be a bad sight." Jarod and Kyle agreed.

"Men!" Parker replied in disgust as she took the pillow beside her and slapped all three guys in the face. The guys looked at each other and began to stretch out their hands.

"I think it's time to teach Parker a lesson about throwing pillows."

Lyle said taking a pillow into his hands, the other two men following suit.

"Oh, no!" Parker exclaimed as she tried to get out of there but Jarod held her back by the waist as the other two guys gave her a couple of pillow swaps. "You'll all pay!" She squealed as she fought back.

"Oh, yeah! Hey you hit me! You're suppose to hit her."

"Hey, owww, that was an accident."

"Watch it!"

"Ha, ha got you!"



"Score one for me!"

"Oh yeah!"


~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Jarod laid on Parker's couch, a hand holding his head.

"You okay?" Parker asked as she came in from the kitchen holding an ice pack. Jarod nodded woundedly. "Remind me again how we always get into pillow fights?"

"You are the one who usually starts them." Jarod replied as he took the ice pack from her hand. She sat down besides him.

"Do not!"

"You did tonight and last time."

"Well, okay I'll admit it usually is my fault." Parker relented. "But you can't blame a girl for using the only weapon she has against three other men that are twice her size."

"No, I can't. Our poor little brothers." Jarod said as he thought about the bruises the other two had.

"They deserved it." Miss Parker replied. Lyle and Kyle had gone back to Lyle's place an hour ago. "Did you see the grins they were trying to hide?"

"How could I miss it? Those two can never stop grinning when we are in the same room."

"Why is that?" Parker asked innocently.

"You don't know?" Jarod asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No. I don't think so." She replied as she moved the ice pack on his head.

"I just might have to show you why." Jarod replied slyly.

"Really? I think you might." Parker said as Jarod brought her down for a kiss. "Is that why?" She asked breathlessly as his lips parted from hers.

"There's more." Jarod said huskily as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her more deeply. "A lot more!"


~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"I told you it wouldn't take them that long." Kyle replied watching his brother and Miss Parker kiss.

"Come on lets go, I feel like a voyeur if we stay any longer." Lyle said as he walked back to the car.

"Okay, but I still win the bet."

"Yeah, yeah I know." Lyle relented as he handed Kyle ten bucks.

"You'll never learn will ya?"

"Could you please stop rubbing it in? So I was a half-hour off, give a guy a break!"

"Fine, fine. So you slept with Brigitte?"

"Yeah I did."

"That girl gets around."

"What do you mean?"

"I slept with her too."


"A year ago, she thought I was some guy that she just picked up at the bar. Too bad she didn't find out until after I left that I was Jarod's brother." Kyle grinned as the car sped down to Lyle's house.

"She's such a dimwit at times." Lyle replied.

"You bet! Did you guys use handcuffs?"

"Nope, rope. Couldn't find the cuffs."

"So who are you seeing now?"

"No one at the moment. You?"

"No one either."

"We need a life."

"I know, it's not fair that our siblings get one and we don't."

"Want to go to a bar and pick up girls?"

"Use the old, I'm hurt and need someone to make me feel better routine?"



"Lets go."

"So how did we get hurt?"

"We beat up some guy who was trying to hurt my sister?"

"Okay. Works for me."

"We need a life."

"I know."
Part 6 by Apollos Girl aka AG
Summary: Lyle and Parker face a new ‘challenge’!
Disclaimer: As Jarod would say, „You know the dance, Parker!" The Pretender belongs to their creators and NBC. I’m just tangoing with them for a bit, don’t worry NBC, Craig and Steven you’ll get them back for your dance!

Author's Note: If you have read the story this far then you should know that words in // and :: are thoughts sent telepathically. // are thoughts sent by Lyle and :: are thoughts sent by Miss Parker.

Spoilers: Don’t read if you haven’t seen anything up to end of the third season.

Gemini Vengeance
part 6

By Apollo's Girl

Miss Parker rushed out of her father's office as quickly as she could, a smile playing upon her lips. Right behind her was her brother, they didn't dare look at each other as they walked to their respective offices. Once they each had walked in they burst out into laughter.

//Oh boy! That was hilarious!// Lyle sent from his office.

::I wasn't sure if I could hold in my laughter.::

//It was a good thing dad dismissed us when he did.//

::I know.:: Parker sent back as she sat down in her chair. The two had decided it was best just to communicate telepathically while they were in the Centre and to stay away from each other.

//Dad is not happy about the break-ins in the Centre suboffices.//

::And assigning us to catch the people too! That's just too funny!::

//Especially since it was us who broke in.//

::Actually bro, technically it was Kyle and Jarod. We just helped them by providing them with info.::

//True. Saves our ass for a bit.//

::Did you see the new hair color the Troll decided to use?::

//You mean Brig?//

::Who else dimwit?::

//I prefer her blond. I think she was trying too hard to look like you and mom.//

::Scary! I still shudder from it.::

Miss Parker sat at her desk while holding her telepathic conversation with her brother when Broots stumbled into her office.

"What?" She snapped as he stood in front of her trying to straighten himself up.

"Um, Miss Parker I-uh, don't think-uh--"

"Spit it out Broots!"

"I saw Raines packing again."


"His office, it's empty again."

"Have you checked out SL-27 or the Renewal Wing?"

"Yes and there are no signs that he is in either of them. Actually there is no sign that he'll even be in the Centre."

"That's not good. He wouldn't leave this place. Something must be going on."

"Miss Parker?" He asked as he noticed the look that spread across her face.

"I want you to dig up everything that you can. Don't tell anyone about this, except Syd. I want everything you find first. Understand?"


"Good, now tell Syd to pack his bags. We're going on a little trip."

"I'm not going?"

"You're going to stay here and dig. Got it?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Then why are you still standing here?!" Miss Parker asked before he rushed out of her office.

//Sis, you should be nicer to him!//

::Its better to keep him on his toes.::

//I'll see what's up with Raines. Better call Jarod and Kyle.//

::You're right. They may know something.::

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"What do you mean Raines is leaving?" Kyle asked.

"That's what Broots told me, Kyle. So you don't know anything do you?" Miss Parker asked on the other side of the phone.

"No, unfortunately I don't. I'm not sure about Jarod, but I doubt it. He hasn't mentioned anything to me about it." Kyle replied. "This isn't good. I'm already getting a very bad feeling about this."

"I know. This might mean we have to push up the time table."

"We should meet and discuss this."

"Bobby and I are going to Arizona to 'investigate' the break-ins in the Centre suboffices and annexes."

"Too bad you already know who did it." Kyle replied, a smirk on his face. Miss Parker had the same smirk. "We could meet you and Bobster there."

"They don't know that. However Sydney will be with us."

"Maybe its time we fill him in."

"I'm still not sure about that… I don't want to put him in danger."

"I know Parker, but with one more person helping it might make things easier."

"Why don't we wait to meet when we find out what Raines is up to. Once we figure that out it'll be easier to plan our next move." Parker reasoned.

"Alright. I'll call Jarod and talk to him. One of us will call you or Bobby." Kyle replied.

"Okay. I have to go. Take care of yourself." Parker caringly said.

"I will. You too! Bye."


~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Miss Parker hung up the phone as she got out of her car. Taking her suitcase in one hand, she walked onto the Centre airfield. She saw Sydney and Lyle getting on the plane, she followed them on to it. Handing her suitcase to the attendant she seated herself by Sydney, across from Lyle. Sydney watched as the two refused to look at each other, their contempt clear on their faces. He tried to hide his smile at how Miss Parker dragged him along. He knew that she didn't like to be alone with her brother. He sat silently, getting out some folders from his briefcase, deciding to get some work done on this trip. As he pulled them out, he noticed in the reflection of his window, an interesting exchange of looks between Mr. Lyle and Miss Parker. When he turned around again, they were back to having their looks of contempt. "Interesting." He thought, deciding that he would have to watch those two.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Two days later

Miss Parker walked into Sydney's office. She was about to ask the older man if he had heard anything from Jarod, when Broots rushed in through the door.

"Miss Parker, Miss Parker!" He called. "You are not going to believe this!"

"What?" Miss Parker demanded, coldly.

"Raines, he left because, he left-" Broots stuttered as he tried to catch his breath. "Because of this."

Miss Parker took the folder from his hand and read the contents. "Oh my god!"

"What is it Miss Parker?" Sydney asked.

"You might want to read it for yourself to believe it." Miss Parker replied as she handed the folder to Sydney.

"They continued with it?" Sydney said in disbelief.

"You knew about this?" Miss Parker asked accusingly.

"Cloning? It was discussed a long time ago, but at that time it was decided that the world was not prepared for such a thing so the project was terminated. I should have known that Raines wouldn't have let it die."

"What are we going to do?" Broots asked as his eyes went wide. "If what it said is true, that means that Mr. Raines will try to clone Jarod."

"He already has."

The three turned around to look at Mr. Lyle who stood in the doorway.

"You knew about this?" Miss Parker hissed.

"Only recently. This is not the place to talk. I'll explain everything later. Sis, you know the place." He looked pointedly at Miss Parker. Her features softened a bit as she nodded in understanding. He turned around and left as Sydney and Broots exchanged a questioning glance.

"Meet me at my house at 7 tonight." Miss Parker replied as she followed her brother out. "Don't be late!" With that she disappeared.

"Um. Sydney, what's going on? One minute their enemies and the next they seem like they're friends."

"I don't know, but somehow I think there is more to them then meets the eye." Sydney replied thoughtfully.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Broots walked up to Miss Parker's door with Sydney. Just as he was about to knock, Miss Parker opened the door.

"Follow me." She ordered, quietly. The two men exchanged a glance and followed Parker. They found themselves in her cellar, with a waiting Lyle.

"Mr. Lyle." Sydney greeted.

"Sydney, Broots." Lyle replied in return. "Come on, we'll be late if we don’t hurry. They don't like to wait."

"I know." Miss Parker replied as she opened a secret doorway. Broots looked at Sydney as the man motioned that he should go first. Broots swallowed as he followed Miss Parker. He turned around briefly and saw Sydney and Lyle behind him. They made their way through the dark tunnel and after ten minutes he found himself coming out into a cave. Inside the cave he could see a fire burning and two men. The two men turned around.

"JAROD! KY-KYLE!" He stuttered out. He turned in disbelief towards Miss Parker and then at Sydney. Sydney looked just as shocked. Part of him wanted to yell at Jarod to run and the other to start asking questions. Instead he stayed silent as his eyes wandered over to the young man he thought was killed.

"Glad to see you made it." Jarod replied.

"Sorry we're late, Jare." Mr. Lyle replied, an apologetic smile on his face.

"Did you by any chance bring any food with you Bobby, V?" Kyle asked. "I'm hungry."

"Since when have you not been hungry?" Miss Parker replied, playfully ruffling his hair.

Broots looked stunned. He waited for the twilight zone music to play and the voice to say "You have now entered the Twilight Zone!"

"You probably want an explanation." Jarod replied as he looked at his mentor and at Broots.

"That would be nice." Sydney answered.

"Take a seat."

Sydney and Broots sat down. They noticed how Miss Parker was sitting close to Jarod and how comfortable she seemed. Mr. Lyle sat down besides Broots and Kyle, taking off his glove. Broots was about to turn his eyes away, knowing what a gruesome sight it was, when he saw it.

"Your thumb!" He exclaimed.

"Hmm, oh this?" Mr. Lyle asked good-naturedly.

"You have your thumb! I thought it was cut off!" Broots babbled on.

"Nope, I was just wearing a prosthetic hand. See, I still have my thumb." Lyle replied as he waved his thumb in front of Broots' face. Broots looked in awe at it.

"What is going on?" Sydney asked seriously, but his face appeared amused by Broots' amazement.

"Well, you see. We are all working together to bring the Centre down." Jarod replied.

"You're all working together?" Broots asked.

"Yes Broots. Jarod, Kyle, my brother and me. We are all working together." Miss Parker confirmed.

"I guess you could say we are all using our 'pretender' skills." Mr. Lyle replied.

"You and Miss Parker get along?" Broots asked.

"We're really close. As close as a brother and sister could get." Mr. Lyle said lovingly, smiling at his sister.

"But how did you become so close?"

"We met a long time ago when I found out I had a sister."

"Since then we have pretended to hate each other so that we could have things done the way we wanted at the Centre." Miss Parker explained.

Sydney smiled back. "I always knew that there was something there. I saw it the first time you two met at the Centre. The Centre really missed something when they thought neither of you could Pretend."

"That was the idea." Miss Parker replied.

"Its good to see you alive Kyle." Sydney said to the youngest man.

"Its good to be alive, sir." Kyle replied with a good-natured smile.

"I feel like I'm in a dream." Broots muttered.

"I know what you mean." Jarod said quietly.

"I think we better get to business." Lyle spoke. "Did you hear about the cloning?"

"Vanessa sent us the folder." Kyle replied.

"Vanessa?" Broots asked.

"Miss Parker." Sydney answered with a smile. "Your mother always loved that name."

Miss Parker returned her own smile to the man. "I know."

"Well we all know why Raines left, but now we need to find out what he plans to do." Jarod said.

"Well he already had successfully cloned you Jarod." Lyle replied. "According to my father and the Triumverate, J2, the clone, is the greatest Pretender yet. His abilities outstretch yours by 25%. Raines plans to turn him into the biggest money maker at the Centre and at the same time turn him into his own personal pet project."

"That's not good." Kyle said. "How far along has he gotten?"

"As far as know, not far but he has been keeping a lot things under wraps."

"Damn it. If we want to stop him we need to stop the Centre." Kyle replied.

"We need to get the boy out too." Jarod said, anger in his voice. "I can't believe the Centre would do such a thing."

"This is getting too complicated." Miss Parker replied. "At this rate things at the Centre will get to be worse before we can stop it."

"We might have to call in the FBI now." Kyle suggested.

"It's too soon." Lyle replied. "We need to make sure that the other offices are closed so that we only have to deal with the Centre. There's still another twenty offices and annexes open."

"We need to think this out." Jarod commanded. "There must be a quicker way to close those offices then going in ourselves."

"I could do it." The four Pretenders turned around to look at Broots.

"Excuse me?" Miss Parker asked. "If the four of us can't do it how can you?"

"Because I was just assigned to update all the security programs at the suboffices and annexes and since I will have access to the computers I can shut them off by putting in a virus that would terminate all the systems." Broots explained, looking proud of himself at being able to do something the other four couldn't. People didn't call him a computer nerd for nothing, after all he was the King of Viruses, as he was commonly known to all of his computer companions.

"That would work. And we don't need to worry about losing information since I have most of it anyway." Kyle replied. The other three nodded. Sydney patted Broots on the shoulder.

"Now what we have to worry about is finding the boy and bringing the Centre down."

"I'm trying to find the location now, but the Triumverate is still unsure whether or not to trust me." Lyle replied.

"Well try to find out and while you're doing that, Broots can you get the viruses going?" Kyle asked.


"How soon?" Jarod inquired.

"Probably by the end of next week if thing goes smoothly. By then all the offices and annexes should be closed."

"Back to the boy clone," Sydney said. "If he is brought to the Centre, I can ask to be assigned to him. After all as far they are concerned I am the most qualified person to teach him."

The other four nodded.

"The only problem is to get you assigned to it." Kyle replied.

"I can see what I can do." Lyle said, offering his assistance. "I might be able to convince my father and the Triumverate that you work with J2."

"Once I can work with him, there is a better chance of us getting him out."

"However if Raines is moving to the other compound how will you get to work with him?" Broots asked.

"I can ask for a transfer." Sydney replied. "I could say I am too old to be chasing Jarod around, which is getting to be true. My body just isn't up to running anymore."

Jarod smiled at his mentor. "One less person chasing me sounds good right about now."

"So let me make sure I have all of this down." Miss Parker stated as she looked at the men in a thoughtful manner. "Broots will shut down the offices by implanting a virus in the computers, Sydney and Lyle will try to get J2. Kyle you will be getting more information and getting our supplies. Jarod you're going to infiltrate the Centre to figure out an invasion plan. Right?"

The men nodded in agreement.

"Okay so what do I do?" Parker asked throwing her hands up into the air.

"Look pretty?" Kyle offered. Parker threw him an icy cold glance. "Guess not."

"Just keep your eyes and ears open for any more news. Also you can help me with the infiltration plan." Jarod replied. Parker nodded.

"And look pretty." Jarod added, although he didn't move fast enough to avoid Miss Parker hitting him in the shoulder. Everyone laughed and continued to discuss their plans for the downfall of the Centre.
Part 7 by Apollos Girl aka AG
Disclaimer: As Jarod would say, „You know the dance, Parker!" The Pretender belongs to their creators and NBC. I’m just tangoing with them for a bit, don’t worry NBC, Craig and Steven you’ll get them back for your dance!

Author's Note: If you have read the story this far then you should know that words in // and :: are thoughts sent telepathically. // are thoughts sent by Lyle and :: are thoughts sent by Miss Parker.

Spoilers: Don’t read if you haven’t seen anything up to end of the third season.

Gemini Vengeance
part 7

By Apollo's Girl

Miss Parker leaned against Jarod as the other men talked. As much as she tried to listen, all she could concentrate on was Jarod, his smell, his scent, his heartbeat. They had been there for a couple of hours, discussing plans and determining the best course of actions. She closed her eyes and let a small smile of contentment come across her face.

"Tired?" Jarod whispered quietly into her ear.

"A little." She replied back, turning her face up towards him.

"You really should be paying attention." Jarod scolded playfully.

"I guess I'm just a little distracted."

Jarod smiled at her and placed a small kiss on her forehead, which did not go unnoticed by the other men. Lyle and Kyle grinned at each other, Broots looked slightly shocked, and Sydney just beamed, happy at seeing the two happy together.

::Bobby you can stop grinning like a Cheshire cat!::

//But the two of you look so cute!//

Miss Parker looked at her brother and gave a sly smile. ::Of course we are! Since we're so good looking!::

//Oh, brother!//

"So we have the plan down?" Kyle asked.

"I'll sneak in tomorrow to see what is the best way of getting in." Jarod replied. "I'm sure Angelo can help me with it."

"I'm going to see the Triumverate in the morning, so I can see what I can do about getting Sydney transferred." Lyle said as he nodded towards the older man.

"The computer viruses will be in effect by the end of the week. It should keep them shut down for the next three weeks or so."

"Gee, that long?" Miss Parker asked.

"You're talking to the Master, Miss P." Broots grinned proudly. The others chuckled.

"Good, we'll meet up again to discuss how we get in later." Kyle said as he began to put out the fire. Everyone began to get up to leave, when Miss Parker spoke up.

"Where are you staying?" She asked Kyle and Jarod.

"At Danielle and Sam's, why?"

"Just wondering."

"Just wondering if Jarod was going to stay with her." Lyle added under his breath. Parker shot him a menacing look.

"You only had to ask Vanessa." Jarod slyly said as he placed his arm around her, giving her a wink.

"Tell Danielle, Sam and the kids I said hi." Miss Parker replied as she took Jarod's arm down. Then quietly whispering into his ear. "If you should decide to sneak into my room tonight, I won't mind too terribly."

Jarod grinned as she walked over to her brother. Lyle took his sister's arm into his and gave a brotherly warning towards Jarod. Broots watched in amusement, then something dawned on him.

"Do you mean Sam the sweeper? Miss Parker's Sam?"

"Yes." The four answered. Sydney laughed at Broots, who was trying to process this into his brain.

"Come on, I think you need to go home and let all of this sink in." Sydney said as he lead the techie out of the cave and back into Miss Parker's house. The four could hear Broots as he walked away, "Sam? No, it can't be. Sam? Married? Sam? KIDS? SAM?"

"I feel kind of bad for throwing all of this at him at one time." Kyle said to the other three.

"He should be used to it by now working for the Centre. After all things at the Centre is never what it seems." Miss Parker replied.

"No it isn't. Well, we should be going. Good night." Kyle replied as he walked towards the cave's opening.

"Night." Lyle and Parker answered as they made their way towards the door.

"Vanessa, wait a minute." Jarod said. Parker turned and walked towards him.

"I'll meet you inside Bobby." Lyle nodded at his sister, throwing yet another knowing smile at Kyle.

"I'll see you at the car bro. Don't take too long." Kyle said to his brother.

Jarod waited till the younger brothers were out of sight before turning back to Miss Parker.


"Well what?"

"Well, why did you want me to wait?" Miss Parker asked, her hands on her hips.

"To give you a proper good night, goodbye."

Before Parker could respond, Jarod pulled her into him and placed a long, passionate kiss on her lips which was eagerly returned. The two kissed for what seemed like an eternity. When they finally broke off they were both breathless.

"Good night." Miss Parker whispered.

"Good night. I'll see you tomorrow."



"You better go, Kyle is waiting for you." Parker said as she pushed Jarod gently away.

"Yeah, I should." Jarod made his way out the way his brother had left. Pausing a moment to blow a kiss to Miss Parker. She caught it and sent one of her own to Jarod. He smiled as he caught it and left.

"Okay could the two of you gotten any cornier?" Lyle asked as he stuck his head out of the tunnel entrance.

"You were spying on us?"

"No, I came back when I noticed it was taking you guys a long, long time to come back."

"Well sorry."

"Ah, its okay. Just don't be so corny!"

"I think it was sweet."

"So sweet it makes you sick to the stomach!" Lyle said disgustedly sticking out his tongue.

"You have absolutely no sense of romance!" Parker pouted as she walked over towards her brother.

„I do too!!! Just not when it comes to you!"

„BOBBY!" Parker gave him a playful punch. Lyle smirked at his sister.

"I'm just glad he makes you happy." He said as he placed an arm around her shoulder, giving her a hug. "I wouldn't want you to be with any other man than Jarod."

"I'm glad you think so. Your blessing is more important to me than anyone else’s."

"Good!" Lyle smiled at his sister. "I knew you would see that I what I thought was important. After all I'm pretty god damn smart."

"Uh-huh." Miss Parker teased her brother and the two of them walked back up to her house.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Broots sat at his computer all day typing away codes and worked on updating all the security codes of the Centre annexes and suboffices. He took breaks only for lunch and even then he ate at his console. He felt adrenaline rushing through out his body. Finally he was doing something, something to bring this place down to its end. Every once in a while a smirk would appear on his face when he thought of how the Centre would react to this.

He stopped for a moment, staring at the code on the computer. Jarod had helped him with the design, but for the most part it was his program. All he had to do was press the enter key and the Centre would be shut down. He took a deep breath and pressed the key. For a few moments the computer did nothing, then as if it was a sign from God, the computer flashed: „PROGRAM DOWNLOADED."

Broots pushed back in his seat with the largest smile on his face.

„Let Hell Freeze Over." He whispered to himself.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Lyle sat in front of the Triumverate with Sydney and a very upset Raines. Lyle was trying not to smirk.

„This my project!" Raines hissed at the Triumverate.

„Sydney has more experience with pretenders, especially with a Jarod." A hidden Triumverate member said.

„And that Jarod has escaped costing the Centre valuable amount of money. Will you let it happen again with this one?" Raines countered.

„If I remember correctly your projects have never been that successful!" Lyle replied. Me being one of them.

„I protest against-„

„Mr. Raines we have taken into account your objection, however the Triumverate has decided that to further the potential for the Gemini project, Sydney should be the one to work with the new Jarod." With that they were dismissed. The three men walked out of the room and into the elevator.

„Don’t think I will let go so easily Sydney!" Raines warned before getting off. Sydney and Lyle only grinned at each other.

„Almost there." Lyle said with great pleasure. The two men went their separate ways ready to see the place go down.
Part 8 by Apollos Girl aka AG
Disclaimer: As Jarod would say, “You know the dance, Parker!” The Pretender belongs to their creators and NBC. I’m just tangoing with them for a bit, don’t worry NBC, Craig and Steven you’ll get them back for your dance!

Author's Note: If you have read the story this far then you should know that words in // and :: are thoughts sent telepathically. // are thoughts sent by Lyle and :: are thoughts sent by Miss Parker.

Gemini Vengeance
part 8

By Apollo's Girl

Parker and Lyle sat in their father’s office listening to the older man rant and rave.

“I want to find out why all of the other offices are shutting down. I want that answer now!”

“I’ll have Broots get working on that.” Parker replied to her father. “Daddy I really think you need to calm down a bit, you might have a heart attack or something.”

“Angel, I’m fit as a horse.”

“I’ll say.” Brigitte purred cuddling up to her husband.

Parker gave a disgusted snort and turned her head so she didn’t have to witness the display. Lyle cleared his throat.

“If you ask me Jarod is probably the one behind it.” Brigitte replied.

“I doubt it.” Lyle said.


“Not his style and he doesn’t have the access to all the computers. Even he couldn’t figure out all the booby-traps. I mean if he did know how to do it, why not hit here first?”

“Good point Son.” Mr. Parker replied. “Get to work you two. I want Jarod back and the reason for all the shutdowns.” Parker and Lyle nodded. Parker gave her father a kiss on the cheek before leaving, following her brother out.

//Well we got them off of Jarod’s trail.//

::For now.::

//I know but it buys us some time to get the boy out.//

::Sydney sent me the layouts of the compound and Kyle has already formulated a plan of escape.::

The two stepped onto the elevator to go to their offices. They gave their customary disgusted looks at each other and went their separate ways.

//Meet tonight at your house?//

::I’ll have Broots meet us there and I’ll let Jarod know too.::

//This will finally be over soon.//

::Soon is not soon enough.::

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Later that night at Parker’s House

Sydney was talking to Kyle and Lyle over the visual comm link that Jarod had set-up. The three were going over the plans on how to get J2 out while Jarod, Parker and Broots worked out the details about the Centre.

“How are the suboffices coming?” Sydney asked over the comm link.

“All are shut down except for five, but if things go right they will be down tomorrow.” Broots replied.

“Then we should get the boy out tomorrow.” Sydney said.

“When did you say the security shift changes?” Kyle asked.

“At 10 in the morning, 6 in the evening and at 2 in the morning. Eight hour shifts, two guards at each post.”

“And there are 5 posts correct?”

Sydney nodded. “Two of the posts are in the back of the compound and the other three are set up in front of his room.”

“So the main ones to worry about are the six goons up front.” Lyle said thoughtfully.

“No we don’t need to worry about them, Sydney your office is near the boy right?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, I only have to bypass the two right by the door.”

“Do you need me to come along?” Jarod asked, overhearing the conversation.

“I think with more people, that it may be harder to get out. It’s only one boy.” Kyle replied.

“One boy with ten guards, 15 security cameras and not to mention the other twenty guards for the other parts of the building.”

“The security cameras I can get to and rig.” Sydney replied.

“Since when did you learn how to rig cameras?” Lyle asked in surprise. “I mean bombs is one thing… but cameras…”

“I didn’t hang around Broots this long and not learn anything!” Sydney said with a smile. The others laughed.

Glad I could help.” Broots said merrily.

“So we have the cameras rigged. Then what?” Parker asked.

“Then I go in and distract the six guards while Kyle takes out the others.” Lyle replied.

“Actually Lyle I was thinking that it would be better that you are not involved.”


“In the off chance that we get caught, the only person who has to answer for it is Sydney. And he was going to go into hiding after this anyway. We need you at the Centre.”

Lyle thought about it. “I guess I see your point.”

“So what is the plan?”

“Syd rig the cameras at 1:30. By that time the guards should be more tired and that would give us thirty minutes before the other guards show up. I’ll sneak in, take out the guys in the back, and Syd will get the boy. We’ll sneak out the back. Parker want to drive?” Kyle asked as he looked over his shoulder at her.

“As long as you don’t mind having a bat out of hell driving.” Parker smirked.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way!”

“Oh dear.” Lyle, Jarod, Broots and Sydney sighed.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Parker and Broots were in her office when her father burst in, his face completely red.


“I want the reason for the shutdowns Angel. All of the suboffices are now down.”

“I’ll get right on it.” Parker replied as her father walked out of the office.

Broots and Parker smiled at each other.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Parker drove the car up to the side of the compound where Kyle exited in a sweepers suit.

“Good luck!” She said to him as he gave a grin and disappeared. She looked at the clock on the dashboard.

1:00 AM

Sydney walked out of his office nodding to the two sweepers and made his way into the observation room. In it there were the monitors and controls for the security cameras. One of the sweepers was inside watching the boy sleep.

“Another late night sir?”

“Hmm, yes, couldn’t sleep. How’s the boy?”


“Need a break Todd?” Sydney asked politely as he nodded at the sweeper.

“Do you mind?”

“No, go. I’ll watch the boy.” Todd gave him a grateful smile and went to the bathroom attached to the office. No one was to leave the boy unwatched for a second. He was such a valuable commodity to the Centre that if anyone was caught out of the room or in the bathroom without anyone in there, they would be facing a punishment from Raines.

Sydney sat down at the console did a little typing, hit the record button. He was going to loop all 15 cameras. He watched the time.

1:15 AM

“Fifteen more minutes.” He muttered to himself. He was taking a gamble on how long Todd would be in there. But he knew most sweepers on watch here spent a good 10 to fifteen minutes in there. He stopped the recording and inserted the loop program into the computer.

1:27 AM

He hit the enter button and the tape screen stopped for a moment and it began to show his recorded footage. He heard Todd flush the toilet and quickly made sure nothing would give him away.

“Sleeping like a little angel isn’t he sir?” Todd commented.

“Yes. Well guess there isn’t much for me to see. Goodnight.” Sydney said as he walked out of the room. He glanced at his watch.

1:30 AM

Kyle hit the two guards as he came around the corridor. Neither of them saw him coming. He quietly went out to the other two.

“Hey~ who are you?” One of the sweepers asked as he came in.

“New guy, filling in for the 2 o’clock shift.”

“That’s half hour away.”

“Wanted to be earlier, it being my first time and all. Hoping for you to show me some of the ropes.”

“Well, sure- nothing really, watch for intruders, , stay awake, and that’s about it.”

“Thanks.” Kyle replied. “I do have a little something to show my appreciation.”

“Huh?” The two asked as Kyle brought them towards him.

“This.” He smashed their heads into each other and the two fell unconscious to the floor.

He looked at the time.

1:31 AM

Sydney walked into the boy’s room and quietly woke him up.


“Shh! Listen to me, I need you to pretend to have had a nightmare and that you don’t want to go back to bed and that you would rather go with me back to my office.”

“Buy why? Sydney what’s going on?” J2 asked him.

“I need you to pretend because I am getting you out of here.”


“Look this place isn’t good for you, they will destroy you if you stay. Please just follow me.”

“Umm… okay…” The clone looked up at his mentor and knew that he had to trust him.


“Uh sure…”

It was quiet for a few moments, then…


“What’s wrong?” Sydney said as he got into the pretend himself. The sweepers outside of the room came in.


“Sydney, please I don’t!”

“Calm down.”

“I can’t… it was so scary I thought I was going to die and then there was the-the-” J2 began to cry and whimper. He held onto Sydney. “Please I don’t want to stay in here, it’s too, I can’t. Sydney please take me somewhere else.”

“If it’ll help you calm down, alright.” He looked at the sweepers and they helped him and the boy out the door. They made their way down to his office. The sweeper was going to follow him inside.

“No it’s better that you stay out here. He needs to be calmed down and I don’t think you’ll help.”

The sweeper nodded and positioned himself outside the door with the other three.

1:46 AM

Kyle opened up the vent into Sydney’s office.

“Come on.” Kyle replied as he motioned them into the vent.

“The back cleared?”

“For now. I think they learned not to have the vent lead all the way to the outside after Jarod’s escape.”

“Making it more difficult for us.”

They got of the vent into one of the sweepers post. The two sweepers were still lying in the heap Kyle had left them. He walked out and made sure that no one was around and motioned for the other two to follow.

Kyle and Sydney held onto their guns, hurriedly but quietly making their way out. They were almost at the outside entrance when they heard voices.

“Damn it the new shift.” Kyle hissed.

1:52 AM

Parker was getting worried now. It was taking too long. She had seen the new shift enter the building and she wasn’t sure where Sydney and the others were. She heard a beeping from a remote that she had left in the passenger seat. It was a signal from Kyle. She only hoped they had set it correctly. She hit the remote control button. In a few minutes on the other side of the compound a fireworks show began. She prayed it was enough of a distraction.

1:54 AM

Todd rushed out of his office and ran to the other two sweepers.

“He’s gone!”

“Of course, Sydney took him into his office.” One of them replied.

“What? No that can’t- The tape was looped!”

“But- Shoot!”

They heard a bang and then a large whistling sound.

“What was that?”

1:54 AM

“What the hell?” The incoming sweepers yelled as they rushed out to see what was going on. Sydney and the boy ran out followed by Kyle, who went behind them. They slipped out and ran and hid themselves as more sweepers went out to see what was going on. When they passed, the three ran in the direction of Parker’s car.

Suddenly a siren rang out from the compound.

The guys looked at each other and ran faster as they heard shouts coming from the building.

Parker saw them coming and started the engine. They climbed through the hole in the fence and jumped into the car. Kyle was barely in when she started to pull away. Her foot slammed on the pedal and they sped off.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Lyle sat in Sam’s living room with Jarod and Broots. The three of them watching the clock tick slowly by.

“It’s three o’clock. They should be here by now!” Jarod grumbled. “Anything Lyle?”

“No not yet.”

“Can’t you telepath to her or something?” Broots asked.

“She’s to far away for me too, unless something really bad happens. I usually can feel if she’s hurt, so I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t felt anything.” Lyle replied.

“Your sister can take care of herself Bobby.” Sam said as he and his wife Danielle entered the room.

“Honestly I wished the two of you had left that place a long time ago!” Danielle replied.

“You as know as well as I do that we co-“ Lyle broke off as he heard his sister.

::Bobby we’re safe and I’ll be there in five minutes!::

//You waited this long to tell me you’re alright? I would appreciate it if you would tell me this an hour ago! I know we can communicate that far out of range!”//

::Well its kind of hard to speed and telepath and make sure the others are alright at the same time!::

//You better get here quick cause you have a big bear hug coming soon!//

“She’s safe?” Jarod asked as the other three looked at Lyle intensely.

“They all are. They should be here now.” Just as he said now, they heard a car drive into the driveway.

Danielle rushed to the door and opened it for Parker, Sydney, Kyle and the boy. The four walked into the outstretched arms of the waiting people. Lyle was the first one to reach Parker who he quickly enveloped into a huge bear hug. Parker smiled and rested her head on her brother’s shoulder.

“Never worry me like that again!” Lyle whispered to her.

“I won’t I promise.”

“So your plan worked little brother?” Jarod asked as he went over to Kyle.

Kyle grinned. “Like a charm.”

“Syd you alright?”

“Fine, just fine. Are you alright?” He asked the young clone. J2 nodded at Sydney and looked around at the other people, who smiled brightly up at him.

“I hope you don’t mind staying here. It’s not that big, but I hope it’s comfortable enough.” Danielle said to the boy. He smiled shyly at her. “Now you- Oh, wait I didn’t introduce myself did I? Well I’m Danielle. This is my husband Jimmy.”

“I thought you were Sam.” The clone asked remembering he had met the sweeper before.

“Well you can also call me Sam. I kind of have two different identities.” Sam replied with a big smile.

“You remember me right?” Lyle asked the boy.

“Yeah, you were with Mr. Raintes.” Lyle nodded.
“But you don’t have to worry, I’m here to help like my sister.” Parker smiled down at the boy, which he returned.

“I’m Broots.” Broots said as he stretched out his hand. The boy took it and shook it.

“And this is Jarod.” Sydney said introducing the clone.

“I’m his clone right?”

“Yes, but how about we just say you’re my little twin brother?” Jarod asked.

“That would be nice.” The clone replied.

“Hmm. Never thought of this, two Jarod’s for a brother.” Kyle said thoughtfully. “Hmm, but we can’t call you Jarod. What do you want to be called?”

“Umm… I don’t know…”

“How about Ryan?” Parker asked.

“Ryan. Yeah I like it.” J2 replied. He smiled became even brighter when he looked at Parker.

“Yep another Jarod. Fallen for the Parker smile.” Kyle commented, which made the other’s laugh.

“Come on, you must be tired. Why don’t I show you where your room is.” Danielle said taking the boy’s hand.

“Ummm… okay.” Ryan looked at Sydney, with a silent question if the older man could come with him.

“Why don’t I come up and make sure everything is okay.” Sydney said as he followed the two up the stairs.

“I’m glad everyone is safe.” Broots said as the rest of them headed into the living room.

“Now that part B is done lets get down to the real business.” Kyle said.

“Bringing down the Centre.” Lyle replied.
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