Fire and Ice by Apollos Girl aka AG
Summary: Feeling the fire and fealling the ice

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Fire and Ice by Apollos Girl aka AG
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Fire and Ice
By Apollo’s Girl

The flame grows larger as I add in more logs, warming my body.
What did I get myself into?
Of all people, I chose her. I could love any other woman but I chose her.
I can feel her eyes on me.
Probably asking herself why she did it.
Why did she make love, no sex, why did she have sex with me?
It was so different, unlike anything I ever had.
For a couple of hours we were one, on equal terms.
I felt as if I was melding into her, becoming a part of her.
Her becoming a part of me.
What am I thinking?
She’s my hunter.
Nothing else, nothing more.
Except that I love her.
And they call me a genius.
Ha! What a laugh!
Any smart person would know not to fall in love with their predator.
Even animals know that.
My eyes fill with the blaze of the fire.
I can feel it become part of me.
Or is it only the flames that had sparked and burned when I was with her.
It is a life giving, painful fire.
I want her to love me, to want me, but it’s something I can’t have.
Something that cannot be grasped just like the fire.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The snow keeps falling like icy teardrops.
My body covered by a blanket.
My eyes on him, watching him build that blazing fire.
His back turned to me.
My god how did I end up here?
This has never happened before, both of us losing control.
Always one of us had the control, could hold on to it.
Tonight it fell through our grasp, slippery like ice.
That’s what I am, the Ice Queen.
So cold and unfeeling.
Tonight it was different.
Tonight he broke my crystal wall and we made the most passionate love.
So much it frightened me.
And was it love?
Or just sex?
What was it to him?
To me?
He won’t look at me.
Disgusted, probably.
It hurts.
He’s not looking at me.
Like my warmed heart is being crystallized with sharp icicles.
Its like he wants to forget.
Maybe I should too.
Forget his flesh against mine, a part of mine.
His warmth, his touch, his whispers.
Maybe if I continue to watch the falling ice and snow I can forget, I won’t feel the hurt.
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