Title: The World Is Changing

I'm grinning like a huge fool. There aren't many authors willing to jump out of the box and turn the shipperdom upside down. There aren't many authors who accept Thomas as a legitimate part of Parker's life. They treat him like a whim...just like her father did. What you did here is intriguing. It's different and probably left many people feeling bitter. It's a spin on Jarod/Parker romance...and when I saw the title I knew it wouldn't be boring. You didn't disappoint.

I read tons of fanfic and it's all the same story, and the stories are the same story basically, they all look alike and end the same with Jarod and MP together forever in love. Jarod, MP, kissy kissy, children and 90% of it is unrealistic and not plausible. This will probably fall on deaf ears but I hope you will add some more chapters. Congratulations on the break from the pack. You rock!

Reviewer: needlepoint Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 02/07/15 09:42 pm
Title: The World Is Changing

I clicked on the "random story" on the front page and I'm thrilled that I did.

You describe Parker- oops - Melanie and Jarod as having this perfect little life, cozy and safe and yet, that perfect white picket fence is a prison of sorts. And yet, she tries, I get the vibe that she's trying to be the woman he wants. Jarod, of course, the Great Fixer of all Problems doesn't realize that some things are beyond repair and some people don't want to be saved.

One, I applaud you for stepping outside the box and painting an imperfect picture of their life and two, I can't wait to read the rest!

Reviewer: Mirage Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 02/06/11 12:00 am

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