Title: Red Rock Jarod

I agree, it was a great episode. I personally loved all the episodes with Kyle. He was one of my favorite characters. In Dragon House, you can see that though he's dangerous and occasionally violent, Kyle didn't really want to kill anyone. He however never really tried to prevent anyone from getting hurt. He just left them and if they got hurt, fine. But you could also see that he was sad, confused, angry, and lost, from what he did and what was done to him. One of the things I really liked about Red Rock was that Kyle shows that even though he had been brain washed (constant writing of 'I decide who lives or dies'), he still has an opinion. He also has some restraint as he had never killed anyone. I liked how Kyle tried to shoot Lyle but got him in the shoulder. If you look back to Dragon House, you can see that even as a kid Kyle had perfect aim. I think Kyle was trying to hurt Lyle, but not kill him. And as stated in DH, Kyle never killed anyone, despite everything. I doubt he would have really gone through with killing Lyle like he said when Lyle was chained up. From what I could see of his character, he would probably stop at last minute. I agree that there were some small flaws, but it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for the show. Two major flaws.... Kyle said he was following Parker, to find Jarod. Well then how come he didn't run into Jarod in the episode before (Stolen). I thought that could have also been a cool reunion....Jarod pinned against the wall, Parker, sweepers, and Jarod yelling at Sydney desperately, trying to figure out how his mentor could let this happen and begging him to help the kidnapped boy... It would have been cool to see Kyle pop out, kick everyone's butts, save him and help save the boy. As obvious in DH (though it's not on the dvd version), Kyle had one soft spot. Children. He loved them and even as a messed up prison escapee he loved them. He smiled warmly at happily at the little boy in the car at the gas station, then went off on the dad when he yelled at his boy and threatened to slap him. Kyle gently took the boy out of the car and pointed to the bathroom, helping the kid. I think that if Kyle came back during Stolen and helped the kid, it would have made sense since he could identify with it, and he could still get the fuzzy feeling of helping someone. But alas...we can't turn back time and make that happen. That's what Fanfics are for... Red Rock.... While I was watching the episode, I really liked how Jarod was thrilled to see Kyle, and how you get a glimpse here or there of how happy Kyle is, but he's mostly angry and confused. I also like that when Kyle revealed his plan to Jarod, Jarod had the perfect mixed expression of 'oh crap' and 'what the hell are you thinking'. I also loved that Kyle ended up being the one to save the woman, thanks to his trusty knife. also... how different the brothers were yet, both ultimately did the right thing, though it took Kyle much longer to get there. I got the sense that the episode was written purely for ratings. Though it was one of my favorites of the show, it seemed like the writers rushed it. By Kyle popping up only to be killed off for real...without a possibility of a return (unless they do some very smart and creative writing to explain something the whole no-heart thing). I suppose the writers or whoever made the final call for the story line probably thought two pretenders was too much. I agree but they could have done something for a couple episods of Kyle figuring things out, getting his head straight. Then have him go off on his own, though keeping in touch with his brother via phones/internet and meeting up occasionally. They even could have done something like Kyle gets the shock of his life and falls in love or something like that. Anyways...don't mind my rambling, I just remember that all these things popped to mind when I watched a rerun the other day. Overall I give the episode 5 out of 5. Amazing acting by all.

Reviewer: Chickadee Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 15/08/05 07:52 am

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