Title: Episode One, Season Four

Thanks, Danielle :) !

I think I wrote it just before Season 4 started, actually.

I'm working on a new (original) fiction at http://rebeckahsreadingroom.blogspot.com/ if you'd like to give me some constructive criticism.

Great to see you back at the fanfic sites though! :D

Reviewer: Rebeckah Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 20/02/10 06:35 am
Title: Episode One, Season Four

LOL- this was great, Rebeckah (if you're out there- me, I just got back :)!  Can't remember if I read it when it was originally written, but it was fantastic.  =)

Reviewer: DanielleSmiley-Face Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 19/02/10 05:20 am

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