Sine Qua Non by Mirage
Story Notes:

This little cute and cuddly fluffling was wildly out of place down in the Mirarchives. The funky Centresque timestamp on it indicates that it was the first scribbling. Evidently, I intended only to do this one little thing to sate the snarling beasts, and never scribble again. But this series, apparently, already had me in its clutches.



Justice by Mirage
Author's Notes:

This transpires approximately two hours after Paul Arnett's arrest/an hour and half after Melissa and Jarod say their goodbyes.






In the quiet lull between breakfast and lunch Jarod drank from a cup that contained more sugar than coffee, decompressed. When his mobile rang he answered guardedly, "Melissa, are you okay?"

"Thank you."

Jarod, beset by déjà vu, asked, "For?"

"He's dead. Authorities don't suspect aspiration, secondary drowning, you."

Straightening, Jarod stammered, "Me?"

"I intercepted the tape, and," Melissa added contentedly, "destroyed it."

"You obstructed justice?"

"No, I facilitated it; giving me back my life," she answered resolutely, "won't cost you yours."



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