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Upon seeing MTW guest star on Burn Notice, the plot bunnies could not be kept at bay.  Thus, I would like to issue the challenge to write a story where Kyle and Michael Weston are twins and Michael was adopted by the Westons but never told that he was not actually their son.  After Kyle is dead (or Kyle can be kept alive if you so desire), Jarod goes to Miami and finds Michael.  I thought that it would be best timed around when Anson had Fiona's confession on tape and was using Michael to do his bidding, but that is up to you.  Also, I think that it would be amusing to have one of the other members of the Burn Notice gang to 'know' Jarod as his current Pretend before Michael and Jarod run into each other.  The longer the story, the better.

Categories: Challenges, Crossovers Characters: Jarod